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Musings 2006/200

I recall when my father was on his death bed. He was not a Catholic but he was a fine man. Indeed, he was a man of greatness. His wife and children were Catholic and over many decades he became somewhat familiar with Catholicism.
He asked me, knowing his days were over, to ask a Priest to come so he could have Confession!!
This startled me but my father was insistent.
The Priest came and asked me
What do you want me to do?
I was in a state of numbness I suppose, and I floundered around for an answer to that question which, it now seems to me, should have been obvious both to him and to me.
But I blurted out
Hear his confession.
On recalling the sad situation I now realise that what should have happened was that my father should have been brought into The Church.
Surely, if he wanted to go to Confession, does not that mean he believes in the Catholic teaching of forgiveness through Confession? Does that not in fact, suggest that he might want to become Catholic?
The Priest should have brought my father into he Church, heard his confession, given him Holy Communion! It would have been his one and only Holy Communion! But alas, he was not given that Divine-grace.
As well, my father could have then had a Requiem Mass.
To me, at my death-bed, I would like a real-Priest who confirms to me Truth, Goodness and Love - that is, The Holy Trinity; who confirms to me that Jesus Christ is God-made-man and that His super-duper Mother is The Woman, The Mother and that Angels, Saints and Holy Souls are attending upon me to get me to Heaven.
It would be very nice to have a Priest at my death-bed who confirms the Truths of Catholicism as set out in the Apostles Creed - a Priest who encourages around me, others

to say the Holy Rosary

and read Scripture.
A real-Priest would be very nice at one's death-bed.         

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