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Musings 2006/201

To Hasten The Era of Peace

There are a multitude of people looking towards the new era - an era of Peace - which has to be

the Era of The Eternal-spirit.

Even our own Archdiocese, that of Brisbane, Australia, has called for its Catholics to pray to The Holy Spirit, perhaps not consciously for an Era of Peace, but certainly to obtain His guidance.
What is the way to hasten this Era of The Spirit?
As usual, I have some suggestions as to what seems to me to be an answer to that question.
And, as usual, it relates to The Immaculate Conception.
It has long seemed to me that recognition, acknowledgment and appreciation of Mary in her Immaculate Conception and in her Motherhood of her adored Son, Jesus, is the simple answer to this question and to many other questions.
Indeed, I suppose that is the whole thrust of the website
Heartsare.Com - the whole reason for the website's existence; the whole reason for this little, unknown newsletter.

The reasoning behind this is pretty simple:-to recognise
The Immaculate Conception
is to recognise
The Eternal-father.

To give honour to
The Immaculate Conception
is to give honour to The Father.
That is so, because Mary's Immaculate Conception reflects

The Perfect-Purity-of-existence
that is The Eternal-father,

just as
her Motherhood of Jesus,
in creation,
reflects His Fatherhood of Jesus,
in Eternity.
Therefore, in recognising The Immaculate Conception - that is to say, Mary - then we recognise The Eternal-father Whom she so brilliantly, exquisitely and faithfully reflects.
This is so, because The Immaculate Conception is The Father's supreme creation -

Mary is the pinnacle of His creation.

While we praise Mary in her Immaculate Conception, we are really praising

The Eternal-father
Who brought her forth
as His most exquisite Gift
to His Eternal-son.

Indeed, I have claimed more then once in these columns that

Israel was God's People
because out of Israel
God intended to bring forth
The Virgin,
out of whose precious womb
was to come the Messiah.

For that reason I have claimed that

The Immaculate Conception
is the ultimate result
of The Era of The Father.

From The Era of The Father issued The Era of The Son - Jesus Christ - and I have suggested that

the ultimate result of Christ's Era
was The Universal Church,
His Own Mystical Body.

However, in recognising The Immaculate Conception - it is no coincidence - we recognise at the same time,

The Universal Church of Benedict XVI,
for only She
proclaims as Dogma
The Truth of
The Immaculate Conception.

Therefore in recognising The Immaculate Conception we not only honour The Eternal-father but

we also acknowledge
The Universal Church,
which is to doubly honour
The Eternal-son (in Himself

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