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Musings 2006/201

but also in His Church).

In doing this we succumb to God's Will, we grasp His redemptive Plan and we gain the maturity He has drawn us towards -

the maturity
that will give impulse
to The Eternal-spirit's possession
of the era in which we live,
making it His Own - fully.

Scripture tells us that The Church will become the Light for the world, which has to mean that

the whole planet
will recognise The Church
as the one and only Society of God's Children
and pay Her homage accordingly.

It seems to me that when The Church becomes the Light for the world, then we will be properly in The Era of Peace.
For these things to happen, peoples and nations will have to come to the recognition that

what The Church teaches is
The Truth.

Peoples and nations will have to recognise such truths as the achievements of The Eternal-father's Era (The Immaculate Conception) and of The Eternal-son's Era (The Universal Church) so that we may proceed into The Era of The Eternal-spirit.
In short, it is a simple matter of recognising
Goodness (The Father) (The Immaculate Conception) from which proceeds Truth (The Son) (The Universal Church) so that from Both, we may recognise Love (The Spirit) (The New Jerusalem).
The impulse, the first sign of the recognition of The Light for the world, has to be therefore, recognition of The Immaculate Conception.
So, to hasten The Era of Peace, I suggest that we must, ourselves, grasp the immensity of this wondrous Truth, The Immaculate Conception and promote this Truth everywhere at all times.
This Truth will ignite the fuse that is attached to The Eternal-spirit's powder-keg of Love and Harmony.
The Patriarch St. Joseph, Father of Jesus and husband of Mary, is most certainly a participant in The Spirit's Coming.
Joseph, because of this Fatherhood of Jesus and, as spouse of Mary,

reflects The Eternal-spirit.

That being the case, one must believe that the world should recognise also, this great man of Salvation history.
It is not difficult to come to the conclusion that he, being so uniquely privileged before all, must be given due honour from mankind,

already given him
by The Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Because Joseph reflects The Eternal-spirit in creation, it seems to me that we must draw attention to Joseph's greatness, because to draw attention to him is to provide an avenue to drawing attention to The Spirit - to bring Joseph into the focus of man's soul is

to provide an avenue
in raising man's focus
on to The Spirit,
Whom Joseph reflects.

Surely this too, must hasten the fullness of the Era of The Spirit.
And also,
there is the Archangel, Raphael, Gabriel, Michael, which I previously proposed as reflecting The Holy Trinity most perfectly - three superb persons, one spiritual being.
If we are to appreciate The Immaculate Conception and the Patriarch Saint Joseph because they reflect The Father and The Spirit, then we must also appreciate the Archangel, in an effort to hasten in the Era of Peace.
It seems most appropriate to recognise the Archangel in the capacity I mention for he represents the greatest height of the
angelic sphere while Mary and Joseph with, and because of, Jesus - as a family - reflect The Holy Trinity in the physical sphere.
If there are three Eras (of the Father, of The Son and of The Spirit) then we must observe that each Era means progress in the history of Salvation.
As we enter the Era of The Spirit we must join this progress of Salvation-history and so I contend that

we must observe
the wondrous Fruits of The Trinity,

most particularly those Fruits that reflect His triple Majesty most perfectly; that beautifully reflect the Era of Each Person and of all Three Persons.
Hence I propose recognition of Mary and Joseph and the Archangel and that we seek their particular intervention on behalf of mankind as a sure means of hastening the fullness of the Era of Peace.
Needless to say,

all must be carried out
the Infinite Merits of Christ
and in
His Mystical Body.

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