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Musings 2006/201

Indeed, all was fulfilled at Golgotha when Christ drew all things to Himself; when He achieved the absolute, the complete, victory over evil, over all evil.
Consequently, in appealing to Mary, Joseph and the Archangel, the
place to focus upon to achieve the greatest attention from them and from Jesus, is at Golgotha, itself.

The place to appeal to Christ Himself,
through them,
is at the place
where He redeemed all creation
that pinnacle of all-time and all-space -

Yes, the perfect place to appeal to God is at Golgotha.
I have maintained in previous
Musings that the Catholic Mass,

The Eucharist,
does not only bring
The Sacrifice of Golgotha
to us.
It    brings    us
to    Golgotha.

Golgotha then, is the meeting place of Creator and creature. It is in time and space, but it is also beyond these dimensions. Golgotha, that place, happened at a certain time but it has been encapsulated in Eternity even as it remains an open-door to us in The Eucharist in this time, in this generation, as it has been for every generation since Christ.

In the very essence of the person I am,
I may then present myself at Golgotha
making myself present to Jesus Himself
and to His Mother -
and to John and the Holy Women.

We do this by way of Jesus' survey of future generations - we place ourselves in His survey.

We do this most perfectly
by way of The Golgotha Sacrifice Itself
which is opened to our view
and made present to us
at the Catholic Mass
where we are drawn to Him, on The Cross - for It is the one and the same Sacrifice.

It is at Golgotha - before the Sacrificial Lamb - that we may best appeal to The Eternal-father through Mary, Joseph and the Archangel. It is at that place where we will find their authority before God at a peak.
I have, for this purpose, slightly changed
The Golgotha Prayer, as follows (changes in bold text):-

At Gethsemane
You transcended time and space,
my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ
- God's Own Sacrificial Lamb -
and in Your agony
You surveyed the massive, glorious army
of future saints
of every nation
of every generation,
whose great sanctity
was made possible
only through the Infinite Merits
of Your Passion; of Your Cross,
and in this You were
somewhat strengthened and consoled.
With boldness and hope,
with humility and holy fear,
I place myself
in this transcendent survey of Yours, my Lord,
not as one of Your great Saints
but as a little child
of Your Immaculate Mother
who would kneel beside her
before You
at Golgotha,
in the company of the beloved Apostle John
and the holy women,
so that I might
somewhat strengthen and console
Your immaculate Mother
for she is Your greatest consoler,
and to join with the Mother
with the great Patriarch Saint Joseph,
with the exquisite Archangel,
Raphael, Michael and Gabriel,
and with all the Angels, Saints and Holy Souls,
in their universal declaration:
we recognise You;
we acknowledge You;
we appreciate You,
Son of God;

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