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Musings 2006/201

Christ:   P

It seems fairly clear to me
that St. Paul is
explaining to us,
amongst other thgings,
what Christ meant when He said
If I be lifted up, I will draw
all things to Myself.

St. Paul continues:-
P 53  12  27  Now

you are the body of Christ,

and members of member.
53  12  28  And God indeed hath set some in the church; first apostles, secondly prophets, thirdly doctors; after that miracles; then the graces of healing, helps, governments, kinds of tongues, interpretations of speeches.
The great Apostle here confirms that we must become one in Christ - one in the Body of Christ, His Church - so that we might,

individually and as a society,
accompany Him
at Golgotha
and rise with Him
at His Resurrection.

And so, I again suggest that Golgotha is the ending-point - the gathering-point - of all time and space. But I am suggesting more:-

that Golgotha
is the gateway to Heaven.

I am not suggesting that Golgotha is the gateway to Heaven as something symbolic - no, but in actual fact. That is to say, to gain Eternal-life with God we must enter through the gateway of Golgotha, 2006 years ago.
We must by-pass time and space and be
drawn up to Christ on The Cross, becoming One in His Mystical Body, The Church, so that we might join Him in His Agony and Death and therefore, rise with Him in His Resurrection.
For Jesus, in His Resurrection - even as it belongs to Him alone - shares it with all the children of His Mother, The Woman of Scripture.
Thus we must recall to mind

The Holy Mass of Catholicism
which is the time-transcender;
it is The Reality of Golgotha;
it is The Last Supper
which draws us to Him
on The Cross, as He foretold.

As I say, it is not a symbolic movement through time and space to Golgotha, but

an actual event
for each of The Mother's children.

It is an actual event at Holy Mass which will be brought to fruition - to fulfilment - at one's death.
We are not able to perceive this time-space-transcendence at Holy Mass just as we are not able to perceive other divine Mysteries - at this point in time..
However, it seems to me that when we reach the fullness of The Era of Peace and Harmony, i.e. The Era of The Spirit, we will
not only perceive the Real Presence of Jesus Christ - Body, Souls and Divinity - in The Catholic Eucharist, but

we will perceive
the Catholic Holy Mass
as the actual Last Supper
and the actual Sacrifice of Golgotha.

And in perceiving these Wonders each person will perceive, with that new-found ability, the new heavens and the new earth.
So, when it all boils down, what I am suggesting is that, to enter Eternal-life with Jesus Christ, (and there is no other way to enter Eternal-life) we must - physically and spiritually - become One with Him on The Cross at Golgotha.
That is we must, in actual fact, be
drawn to Him Who was lifted up, at the time He was lifted up and at the place where He was lifted up.

Because at that time and space,
total salvation was achieved;
total victory was had over evil.

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