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Musings 2006/202

Amen, amen I say to you,
he that believeth in me,
the works that I do,
he also shall do;
and greater than these shall he do.

50 14 13 Because I go to the Father: and whatsoever you shall ask the Father in my name, that will I do: that the Father may be glorified in the Son.
50 14 14 If you shall ask me any thing in my name, that I will do
. P(John)
I would apply these words of Jesus - that they will perform works greater than these - to his great Saints down the centuries, but particularly to His saintly brothers and sisters in this Era of The Spirit.
And if the Saints of this Era -
each and every one of them - work greater wonders then did Jesus, as can be expected, then I can see no need for tools


P 35. When Mary has taken root in a soul she produces in it wonders of grace which only she can produce;

for she alone is the fruitful virgin
who never had and never will have
her equal in purity and fruitfulness.

Together with the Holy Spirit
Mary produced the greatest thing
that ever was or ever will be: a God-man.
She will consequently produce

the marvels which will be seen
in the latter times.

The formation and the education of

the great saints who will come
at the end of the world
are reserved to her,

for only this singular and wondrous virgin can produce in union with the Holy Spirit singular and wondrous things. 
58. They will be true apostles of the latter times to whom

the Lord of Hosts will give
eloquence and strength
to work wonders
and carry off glorious spoils
from his enemies.

They will sleep without gold or silver ...

Yet they will have the silver wings
of the dove
enabling them to go wherever
the Holy Spirit calls them,

filled as they are with the resolve to seek the glory of God and the salvation of souls.
Wherever they preach, they will leave behind them nothing but the gold of love, which is the fulfilment of the whole law.
59. Lastly, we know

they will be true disciples of Jesus Christ,
imitating his poverty, his humility,
his contempt of the world and his love.

They will point out the narrow way to God

in pure truth
according to the holy Gospel,
and not according
to the maxims of the world.

Their hearts will not be troubled, nor will they show favour to anyone; they will not spare or heed or fear any man, however powerful he may be.

They will have the two-edged sword
of the word of God in their mouths
and the blood-stained standard
of the Cross on their shoulders.

They will carry the crucifix
in their right hand
and the rosary in their left,
and the holy names of Jesus and Mary on their heart. The simplicity and self-sacrifice of Jesus will be reflected in their whole behaviour.
Such are the great men who are to come. By the will of God Mary is to prepare them to extend his rule over the impious and unbelievers
The extraordinary Saint makes it quite clear that in the new era the Power of God will be the tools of Christ's disciples W

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