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Musings 2006/203

There is no need to list any of the other evils that emanated from
this frightful mentality - it is all too obvious. I have listed them before.
What a momentous prophet was Paul VI!
What a world leader! What a man of History!
The Encyclical of

Pope Pius IX

Ineffabilis Deus (December 8, 1854) is another example of the infallibility of Peter. Here, the Pope determined the dogma of

The Immaculate Conception of Mary

- that she was conceived and born free of original sin (and remained free of sin thereafter).
How totally important was that document; that definition!
Yet the great Thomas Aquinas had claimed that Mary was
born free of original sin, but was not conceived free of original sin - Aquinas, amongst the greatest theologians of The Church!!
Pius IX declared otherwise, in full accord with Truth.
And his declaration of this famous dogma is now a faith requirement of
every Catholic; of every Christian!
Pius IX's Encyclical has been approved and reaffirmed by every Pope since then.
We might also consider the great

Pope John xxiii,

who brought about the greatest Council in Christian history - Vatican Council Two.
This fabulous Gift to mankind, given to us in the mid twentieth century -

the century of the devil

- not only reaffirmed all Catholic Doctrine but opened the way for new enlightenment of these Truths and paved the way for The Universal Church in the centuries to come.

And paved the way
for the world
in centuries to come.

Another Prophet from the Vatican was

Pope St. Pius X,

and I mention in particular, his famous encyclical Pascendi dominici gregis, of September 8, 1907.
How precisely did he then detail the heresies and the schisms that came under the dishonest name of modernism!
How precisely did he portray the deceptions and the other evils that

this apostasy-of-all-apostasies

incurred then, on The Universal Church, and which continued to eat away at the very Heart of The Church since!
And one hundred years after that document of history, we find that modernism although defeated and a proven, abject failure, still clings onto The Church like a lingering cancer, in its short post-modernist era.
(In passing, I would like to mention a special patron of mine, a Princess of Heaven, Blessed
Assunta, who was so highly regarded by Pius X.)
Over the years these
musings are littered with the saintly exploits of the late

super-Pope John Paul II

so I will not add to that except to mention he is

a crowning glory of Peter.

All the other Popes of the past two centuries have been magnificent.
They had to be.
Because the devil was given fuller and fuller reign over the nations to such an extent that

outrage, in our times,
has become the norm.

Goodness, Truth and Love, the very Virtues of The Godhead, have been attacked with prodigious venom and replaced with a massive stream of neo-theological propaganda that actually encourages death, deception, hatred.
The Infinite Merits of Jesus Christ have been undermined to such a gigantic extent that His Virtues -

the human virtues made divine
because of His Divinity

- have been switched around and displayed as social justice values and political correctness.

Yet the Popes again and again, and again,
have redirected the gaze of Christians
and of the world,
back to Godliness and sanctity

and they have done this with unwavering, determined courage and holiness, as true history already clarifies and proves.
And I have great pleasure in pointing out

the common traits of
these world-rescuing Pontiffs;

traits that have always been the characteristics of the real-Christian - from the first Pentecost two thousand years ago.
These traits are recognition, acknowledgement and appreciation of:-
the Christ-given authority of Peter;
The Woman of Scripture (and of the Saints);
Jesus Christ in The Eucharist (and of all of the Sacraments).
For the real-Catholic, the fact that Popes have exhibited these characteristics is a truly satisfying delight, especially in the past 50 years when modernism had reached its greatest power around the world.

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