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Musings 2006/203

The example of the Popes
gave courage to real-Catholics
when their fellow church-goers
were wandering off in other directions -
directions that did not include
devotion to Jesus' Mother;
did not include respect for Peter;
did not include the Eucharistic Jesus
in their lives.

The real-Catholic recalled the old saying

Where the Pope is, there is The Church.

In fact, on reviewing the era of modernism, one becomes very much aware that

its targets for destruction
were precisely these three traits.

Even now in numerous Catholic churches in Australia and probably elsewhere, where post-modernism still holds some sway, those devoted to Mary are marginalised. Those looking for obedience to Peter are scorned. Those maintaining the Catholic adoration of Jesus Christ in The Eucharist are considered nuisances because they prick the conscience.
Indeed, modernism was so frighteningly successful that one ponders on the blindness necessary in Catholics to go along with the outrageous anti-Catholic behaviour - to go along with deliberate anti-Catholic sermons from the pulpit!
And it seems to me, that this 'blindness' was embraced because

those cafeteria-Catholics were encouraged
to live in a certain comfort zone.

They were permitted and even sometimes encouraged, to ignore Church directions; to ignore The Ten Commandments; to follow their own lop-sided, uninformed conscience!
A recent incident startled me because it pointed to these very same unrealities.
During Mass a woman who seems to me to be quite genuine, spoke up in favour of a post-modernist Priest, intimating he was a most special Priest and listed what she considered to be his fine virtues, including (I quote)
He provides us with our every spiritual need.
Real-Catholics that heard that would feel that that was something of an overstatement.
What came to my mind was a wondrous vision of a real-Parish with a real-Priest and a real-Catholic congregation, which seemed to me to be so far, far away.
(But in fact is quite close really, for

The Real-Universal Church
back in business.)

The statements of this lady not only startled me but made me realise that the blindness of the cafeteria-Catholics continues.
I suddenly realised fully, that these 'Catholics' have been lured into a comfort-zone where they no longer feel they have to go to that exquisite Sacrament, The all-important Sacrament of Confession. They have been encouraged to believe that there is no longer a need for Confession!
They have been encouraged to think that they can sin all they want (i.e. do the awful things they want to do in their comfort-zone) as long as their conscience feels good about it! Or even worse, that they no longer sin at all!!
They must think they are living Saints.

What a frightening deception is
that comfort-zone
that these 'Catholics' have acquired
from modernism!

If only they had followed Peter to whom they are supposed to give allegiance.
The Future
A friend of mine was instrumental in my naming these columns Musings. For that I am thankful for I feel I have much leeway in expressing my thoughts.
And so, I hit upon this subject! Why not: I'm only musing!
We have available to us prophecies from Scripture, from private revelation and scientific conclusions, that many and wonderful - and catastrophic - occurrences can be anticipated by mankind.
(Not that catastrophes are abnormal - history is full of them.)
Such expectations as the decimation of two-third's of the worlds population; of a great fiery meteorite; the three days of darkness; the mini-judgment; etc.
I have thought about these probabilities long and hard and it seems to me that we human beings are overdue for retribution from The Almighty Who might allow the cleansing catastrophes for our own good and, at the same time, destroy
evil around the world.
Such a cleansing will be a temporary nightmare for good and bad alike, but

the children of Mary will survive

i.e. the children of The Universal Church (and those who will, thereafter, embrace The Truth that is The Church).
(Unfortunately, I believe that some of these 'children' who survive will be sources of evil in the future. In fact the source of the anti-christ - I suspect in fact, that they may include the anti-christ already.)
Of course,
the sun, the light of the world (in imitation of Jesus Who is The Light of creation) is all important to the world's future. The world and the entire planetary system relies completely on the sun.
The moon also has a tremendous input to what lies ahead for mankind - the moon being

the lantern of Mary

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