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Musings 2006/203

(as the Fatima children believed) - for Mary, in her Immaculate Conception is the pivot upon which the future hangs: just as the future once hung upon Mary's words in her reply to the Archangel Be it so done unto me. (Luke 1:38)
The movement of the magnetic north pole (100 kilometres in the past 100 years according to the world wide web) surely must be a contributing factor to future life on earth.
For decades the positioning of the magnetic poles of the earth has seemed to me to be of prime consideration in regard to our future and I was not surprised therefore, to recently find that the poles have moved so substantially.
However, in my unlearned deliberations, I have long suspected that the speed of   the earth rotation around the sun has changed and the speed of the earth on its axis has slowed, so that the hours, days and years of the past are not the same as they are today.
That is to say, the 24 hours the earth takes to spin on its axis probably was of a lessor time in the past.
And the year proceeded faster compared to today (viewing time by a universal method rather then as we measure it on earth). Perhaps even, the year of the past might have been considerably less then 365 days as well?
This seems to me to be possible had the earth in past millenniums, been somewhat closer to the sun, having a smaller orbit to travel.
Could it be, I muse, that that closer distance to the sun was the original position of the earth as set by God, in which it flourished most perfectly?
Could it be that God moved the earth further out when Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit, where the greater distance would result in greater difficulties for human survival? Where evil spirits (and good ones too?) could better survive and prosper?
Could it be that a repositioning of the earth back to that original position in the planetary system would restore the original, natural prosperity of the entire planet and of its inhabitants? And place it out of reach of the devil?
A large enough meteor from outer space - from a specific direction - could shift the earth's orbit closer to the sun - and place it in a different situation with the moon.
With the magnetic pole shifting so alarmingly, combined with the above catastrophes, could it also be that the electrical/electronic sequences found in the world at present are forced a little out of kilter, so that the machines of the world no longer operate; computers no longer activate? That the bio-electronics of the human being are slightly altered so that, on the contrary, the human body and mind function far, far better?
It goes without saying that during these catastrophes there would be a period of darkness caused by massive amounts of mist and dust in the atmosphere.
And, with the new positioning of the earth with regards to the sun and the moon, and so the universe, there would be a
new heavens as well as a new earth.
And should
evil be simultaneously dismissed from the earth the original capacities and powers of Adam and Eve would be returned to mankind - physically, mentally, spiritually.
With these incredibly enlarged dimensions of capacities, (science considers we use only 10% of our physical and mental capacities) each person will have the very capacity of the Son of Man, Jesus Christ (the new Adam) and of The Woman, Mary (the new Eve).
Indeed in such a re-shifting of the earth and the moon within the planetary system, to the original one set by God, the new Eden will flourish with greater splendour then the original Eden in the same proportion as does the new Adam exceed the old.
The Church, in an environment where Truth is all too evident, such as it must be in the new Eden, would become the Light for the world - She being the Depositary of Truth; the
Foundation of the Truth.
What remains of the entire population of the world will become members of The Mystical Body of Jesus Christ.

Included amongst these 'members' I think
will be the anti-christ,

because the devil, in his defeat by The Woman, will be removed to his own place and have no further direct input into matters. If that be the case and if the antichrist is the devil incarnate, then the antichrist will have to exist in the world before the conclusive defeat of the devil and his removal from proceedings.
(This process would be possible if the devil was the original archangel having three persons in the one spiritual being, now replaced by the Archangel of loyalty as mentioned previously herein.)
So it is probable, in my view, that the anti-christ will be the second person of the devil who, in imitation of Christ, will take flesh and blood and soul, becoming a man.
He will encourage, over a long period, men and women to develop a new pride, in spite of The Truth being available to them - God is Creator, we are creatures; God wills that we share His Divinity; those who fail to place themselves in God's Embrace will go to hell.
Somehow the antichrist will bring about a rebellious spirit in peoples, possibly because of the great glory man will have in the new Eden. Perhaps they will resent being considered to be
At the first Eden Adam failed the simple test before God.
It will be the new Adam - the Mystical Body of Christ, The Universal Church - that will face the second simple test before God in the new Eden.
And this new testing will come about after a thousand years of peace, when the anti-christ will have succeeded incredibly and will seek to destroy all Good, all Truth, all Love, from creation.
It will only be the Second Coming of Christ that saves man.

And He will come

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