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Musings 2006/205

God's Will and Man's Will

P 358. What is the root of human dignity?
1699-1715   The dignity of the human person is rooted in his or her creation in the image and likeness of God.

with a spiritual and immortal soul,
intelligence and
free will,

the human person is ordered to God and called in soul and in body to eternal beatitude. PCompendium of The CCC
God gave man freewill to enable him to choose; even thought it meant the ability to choose against his own Creator!
This statement seems a simple fact to most sane people, yet there are some who think that man does not have freewill!
In reality however, man's freewill is something extraordinary. It is fascinating; it is astonishing; it is devastating; it is adorable; and, it is beyond our comprehension.
We must ponder therefore upon this Truth -

this ultimate Truth of creation

(for the existence of freewill has innumerable answers that we are able to comprehend).

It is an ultimate Truth
because all creation is based upon
- it revolves around -
the freewill of God's Children.

You can not get more ultimate then that!
We observe the freewill of Adam and Eve and are astounded (at first glimpse) that God should punish them and their children so severely and so comprehensively - so permanently - when they used their freewill to disobey Him, their Creator.
At first glimpse, because we neither comprehend the totality nor the majesty and dignity given us in our freewill.
We must first of all, observe here just how totally important to God is the freewill of mankind.

God very obviously takes
the freewill of mankind
in all seriousness.

How serious does God take our freewill?

God holds
the freewill of His creatures
as sacrosanct
not only in this life,
for all eternity.

This seems a difficult question but in fact it is very simple to answer:-

Because it is
only by
the freewill of His creatures
that God is enabled
to give them
a share
in His very Divinity.

One can not gain a real share in the divine Nature unless one is ABLE to, and DOES, recognise, acknowledge and appreciate just what is happening; just what creation is all about.
Is God to give a share in His Divinity to a tree? To a beetle? To an ape?
We have to recognise - we have to acknowledge - we have to appreciate, through the use of our freewill.
God is Love
God is Love - so why does He allow mankind to create havoc and disaster upon itself and upon the planet? Why does He allow the devil and his awful army of anti-love, anti-truth and anti-goodness, to wreak panic and peril upon the world's population; upon The Universal Church of Christ?
He allows all this pollution and malfunctioning within His creation - which He found in
the beginning to be Good -

because God will always
respect and ensure
the fullness of man's freewill.

This is a bewildering fact and so we must recognise the reality and the fullness of our freewill, for upon this Truth lies our eternal destiny. Upon the use of our freewill, we may gain Eternal-life or earn eternal anti-life.
From The First Moment
It is pretty clear that the entire universe has been created so that its inhabitants may exercise to their absolute fullness, their freewill.

The energy of the whole universe
revolves around
That is to say, reaction to reaction.

This reaction, this impulse, goes back to the original point of creation wherein The Eternal-father brought forth spiritual and physical matter upon which The Eternal-son provided Design and Purpose and The Eternal-spirit imparted Impulse and Energy.
From that point creation formed itself in accordance with God's Will, allowing development and maturity which eventually brought forth children of God, beings made in His Image, who had the virtually Divine-capacity

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