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Musings 2006/205

that development and maturity

- even though measured out by God Himself.

That virtually Divine-capacity
is the freewill
of man and of the Angels.

How important then, is this freewill of man and of Angels!
I have to think that

this freewill
is the equal
of God's greatest Gifts
to His creatures.

God gave His Son to us and this Gift can not be excelled and yet, even this incomparable Gift became a Fact of creation only through Mary's use of her freewill when she said Be it done to me according to your word.
Furthermore, God's Gift of His Son, doomed to such severe suffering, is yet another proof of the fullness of man's freewill.
I have mused upon the freewill of man before and I again bring forth this supreme subject, so that I might once more try to prove that our freewill is sacrosanct and so,

at all times
must we
s e c u r e
our freewill,

it being the greatest Gift possible to a creature of intellect.
That is to say, we must always remain


We must always remain entities capable of recognising, acknowledging and appreciating God and His Works,

not only in the physical creation
but also in Heaven
and even
in hell.

God therefore, does not want us to forfeit our free-will to anyone - not even to Himself.
We don't want your Gift of freewill is almost as bad as saying We don't want Your Son.
While He wants us to align our freewill with His Will that does not mean to forfeit it.
Because He wants children who realise and are conscious of and are capable of, appreciating His Eternal-glory, and of sharing in It, not just for a moment but for one eternal-moment to the next.
Because in Heaven, by way of our finiteness, we will forever grow in the Wonder and the Delight of God and so, our freewill will continuously align itself in recognising, acknowledging and appreciating The Almighty - in which we will forever revel and glory.
Malfunction - Abuse of Freewill
In realising these points about freewill we are able to observe the crass, insane decision  to align our freewill to the devil or to the passions, to the wealth and/or the powers found in creation.
This is an awful, defiant and treacherous insult against, and abuse of, the supreme Gift of freewill, the very Gift that is essential to realising the goal of Eternal-life!!
As I say, God does not want us to forfeit our freewill even to Himself! He did not create puppets nor did He create robots which are incapable of gaining Eternal-life.
No. He created entities having the astounding Gift of full freewill which obviously
was meant to be used in His favour - not to abuse it; not to forfeit it.
I have to wonder - is it worse to abuse the freewill given to us by The Almighty or to forfeit it?

I am inclined to thing
that He would despise
the forfeiture
more then the abuse!

We only have to consider the existence of hell and the ultimate abuser of freewill, the devil, to realise that God has not only given us freewill, but that freewill is TOTAL.
The supremacy of freewill in God's scheme of things can be clearly witnessed by the denizens of hell who continue in their steadfast embrace of evil.
Their inconceivable ugliness and their compound fixity in their insanity ensures that their freewill eternally denounce allegiance to their Creator.
On the contrary the Saints of Heaven, in their incomparable beauty and blissful sanity, steadfastly announce their allegiance to The Creator.

It becomes increasingly clear that
a creature of intellect
without freewill
is not fit either for Heaven
or for hell!

Indeed such a robotic creature can only be an ornament - at best.
We can glimpse here that the existence of hell and Heaven are positive proofs of the astonishing importance of man's freewill.
In fact, I am of the opinion that residents of hell are conscious of their deathly state in that kingdom of hatred, and continually choose it, rather then face The Almighty.
Their awful agonies are bound up in the knowledge of what
could have been. They are somehow aware of that immortal-delight God had intended for them but at the same time, their own hideousness forces them to flee the very thought of God.
I am of the further opinion that the residents of hell,
in the ongoing use of their freewill,

may choose to become

- to choose to cease to exist altogether!
They do not immediately choose to give up existence because they have become aware of

the massive dignity of having existence

- of being an entity with high intellect and the ability to recognise, acknowledge, appreciate and to choose.
But finally, I believe, they will use their freewill to forfeit their existence - their insanity, their despair will eventually become greater then their realisation of the dignity they have by possessing existence, even in hell.
The history of mankind
In pondering on the reality of man's actions around the world today - and yesterday and in the distant past -  of one thing we can be sure and that is that man has tenaciously clung to his freewill  even to forfeiting his life; even to forfeiting the lives of his family and friends.

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