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Musings 2006/206

natural, physical causes.
I have previously mentioned some possibilities in my musings in 2006/203 ( ) where I pondered on the change of the earth's massive movement of the magnetic north pole and the change of the earth's rotation around the sun.
Whichever way and by whatever means the world enters into the Era of The Spirit wherein we are totally delivered
from temptation, there will have to be extraordinarily massive changes, everywhere.
And, it has to happen.
Otherwise, The Church will have been saying The Lord's Prayer for nothing. It is inconceivable that Christ's Own prayer will not have the results it requests and the ultimate request is

Thy Will be done on earth
as it is in Heaven.

This is an incredible possibility and one might be forgiven for thinking this quite impossible.
But with the removal of
temptation and the deliverance from evil, where the world becomes a second Eden, it may well be that the Divine-will is done on earth at least for a period; at least until the appearance of the anti-christ.
But then Christ's second coming will take place.               

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