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Musings 2006/207

and whatsoever thou shalt loose upon earth,

it shall be loosed also in heaven. P Matthew
Does common sense tell us that Jesus gave these
keys to Peter but when Peter died these keys no longer existed?!! And so Christ's Bride, The Catholic Church, would thereafter exist without a shepherd? Without the keys?
History proves otherwise for, for example, it was The Church, shepherded by the Pope, that preserved Scripture down the centuries -

Scripture that She Herself wrote, through Her Apostles.

It was The Church that detailed what Books must be included in Scripture and what books were to be excluded; what Doctrine must be included as Dogma and what was not, as a part of Tradition.
It was the Popes, from Peter onwards, that were honoured as
Peter, the Rock by Christians everywhere.
The Three Characteristics
Everything about The Catholic Church of Pope Benedict XVI, consists of pure common sense.
Everything falls into place. Everything becomes explainable as far as it is possible to explain God's Mysteries.
Everything fits in with Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition - both.
Nothing - nothing - about The Church can really be contradicted with any honesty when one avails himself of Truth.
It is a bit like the old harassment that atheists still use when they challenge
Prove to me there is a God. Common sense tells us that there must be Someone Who created the universe, but the best way to defeat this pathetic challenge from atheists is to reply with an even greater challenge:-

You prove to me there is no God.

This challenge can not be honestly answered by anyone. No; they might go back to childish questions:- Can you see God? If there is a God, what about all this suffering?
These questions are not really answers at all - they are evasive questions, answering a question with a question. They are merely words designed to escape the Truth of things. They prove nothing.
You prove to me there is no God.
It is so easy to
claim There is no God, but when you put to such people the question Prove there is no God, they are totally rattled.

They are rattled
because there is not one shred of evidence
that God does not exist,

whereas wherever you look, or feel, or hear, or sense, or wonder, or hope, or perceive, or love, you can realise The Existence of The Creator.
The Three Dogmas
And so I mention just three common-sensical Dogmas of The Universal Church -

The Sacrament of Christ's Body;
the Motherhood of Mary;
the supremacy of Christ's Shepherd on earth,
the Pope.

These Catholic characteristics will always - have always - been the sure recognition of  the real-Catholic, from the very day of the Apostles.
But besides these three sure Truths there are innumerable facts about Catholicism that fit in with
all other facts, whether religious or scientific, and this linkage through common sense is so magnificent, so grand, so full of hope.
No Meat on Friday
I have tried to live my life as a real-Catholic realising that Christians must do penance for their sins and hopefully, for the sins of others - and everyone is a sinner (except of course, Mary). The Universal Church has demanded, and rightly so, that Catholics refrain from eating meat on Fridays, under the pain of mortal sin.
Such a little thing to ask!!
But even though it was so little an asking, somehow we found it to be a great difficulty and so we would confess our failure in Confession.
While The Church has changed this simple rule, She still requires each and every Catholic, everywhere,
to do something on Fridays to replace the requirement of refraining from meat - something of our own choice.
But now that the rule has been changed, suddenly (probably due to a rebellious spirit) I discover that I like the old law of no meat on Friday. So simple, so easy.
It was not to my surprise - after The Church changed this Catholic requirement of refraining to eat meat - that science discovered that it was a very healthy habit to eat fish at least once per week!!!
When I read that, I realised even more the delight of obedience to Christ's Universal Church. All those years Catholics were ridiculed about eating fish on Fridays! I recall many a time going to a fish and chip shop on a Friday and ordering fish when the shop attendant sort of smirked - I could almost see his thoughts:-
Here's another superstitious Catholic. But I'll take his money.
So, I look back on even this Church demand, given us as from a mother out of love for Her children,

and I see common sense.

So I continue to refrain from meat on Fridays - I have grown to love this demand of The Church and in doing so, I have grown to respect The Church's Commandments, even though they may change from one era to another.
It is 100% common sense, especially when a person is groping through life, ignorant, defenceless but of good heart, hoping and needing to find an infallible Icon which he might follow; a Mother to guide us.
And aren't we all really ignorant and defenceless, to a great degree?
It is the same in every aspect of life.
Want to become slim? Find an advisor who can give you a healthy diet. The advisor has only a faint idea of how the diet works, even though we read the fat content, the nutrient content, vitamin C, zinc, etc. etc. 
Who really, fully, knows why the human body needs zinc and potassium and all the other minerals and vitamins and fibres and so on, that we absorb? It is the nature of science to a great degree that the experts perceive the results of tests but know not the reason why or how.
It is the nature of science that its discoveries all result from trial and error

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