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Musings 2006/208

However .
While a great many sinners, in their suffering, turn to God and repent and are healed, others, in spite of their prayer-of-suffering, add treachery upon treachery by refusing, in their suffering, God's pardon and Mercy!!
How astonishing is that?
Indeed, how many people, when faced with suffering turn upon God and proclaim before all and sundry,
How can God do this to me?
Some go even further:- I hate God!! they might declare.
They have doubly offended their Creator Who longs to grant them Mercy and raise them to Eternal-life. In their treachery they bring despair upon themselves when they might have rightfully and powerfully used their suffering as a superb prayer!
They refuse this avenue towards Mercy!
Their opportunity to obtain Mercy is forfeited by them!!

But their suffering - nevertheless -
remains a prayer;
a prayer, lost, unused.

It seems to me that this forfeited prayer, this forfeited Right-to-Mercy, as achieved by suffering, is not lost to mankind.
This Right-to-Mercy-through-suffering remains a prayer and God allows that prayer to become available to His other children, especially to members of The Mystical Body of Christ.
And here we might perceive the meaning of these passages of Scripture:-

P49  19  26  But I say to you,
that to every one that hath shall be given,
and he shall abound:
and from him that hath not,
even that which he hath,
shall be taken from him. PLuke

Other Forms of Prayer
Because of mankind's excision from Heaven through sin, he drew upon himself further penalties in so far as his abilities and capabilities were diminished and he was more prone to evil and more prone to the temptations of the devil.
Man is often
dumb to the Words of God. He is often blind to the Goodness of God. He is deaf before the Love of God.

Unintentional deafness, dumbness and blindness,
through reduced capabilities, is, I believe,
another form of prayer before God.

Just as God relents before the suffering of man, so His Heart is moved before the sight of the multitude of deceptions and betrayals laid upon him by the evil-one!
God sends His Angels to help. He sends His Own Mother, Mary, and all the heavenly Host.
He sends His Son so that unlimited Grace be made available to man that he might perceive the evil wrought upon him and find the strength to evade it.
He secures His Church around the world providing an avenue of Grace, secured through Jesus Christ, by the Sacraments.

The mere fact of our limitations therefore,
is a cry to God for Mercy and forgiveness.

And therefore, it seems to me, our limitations are a form of prayer.
Hopes and Desires
Another form of prayer which rises up before God is the sincere longing for Peace and Truth and Goodness - for Love and Mercy, found in the hearts and souls of good people around the world, of every race, of every religion.
In most cases these spiritual longings are not part of any formal prayer or even of any subconscious intention. They are merely deep rooted desires for the Ten Commandments that God has placed in the hearts of every human being, from conception.
These multitudinous cries from the sincere portion of humanity are, most definitely, powerful prayer before the Throne of God.
The Worldly Difficulties
But then the world's population struggles from day to day under severe difficulties. Awful governments and power-hungry magnates; unscrupulous men and women thirsty only for money; powerful officials who abuse their authority; leaders and supporters of immoralities (abortion, euthanasia, break-up of the family, etc.); dealers in death and terrorism and unscrupulous traders in bombs and weaponry; satanic and secret societies dealing in pure evil - etc. etc. etc.
Because God makes allowances for these manifold evils that form a black cloud over every citizen of the earth, as individuals and as a people, these dark clouds are also a source by which we might receive Mercy and Grace from God.
And therefore they are an avenue of prayer that rises up to The Almighty, pleading for
Yet again, here is another form of prayer.
Temptations direct from the devil and from the world are another source through which man may appeal to The Creator, knowingly or unknowingly.
Temptations are very powerful and awful impulses which in turn, generate from God the desire to help. He provides sufficient Grace to each and every one who is subjected to temptation - and therefore to everyone, because all of us are tempted.
So, temptation is yet another form of prayer, whether we know it or not. An appeal by the deceived.
Consecration to The Sacred Heart of Jesus
A peculiar form of prayer to Catholicism is made by way of consecration of oneself - particularly to Jesus' Sacred Heart, but also to other aspects of Jesus' Humanity such as His Passion and Cross; His precious Blood.
Catholics also enjoy the benefits of consecration made to aspects of Jesus' Mother, Mary - her Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart; her Immaculate Conception - to the great Patriarch St. Joseph, husband of Mary, Father of Jesus - to the glorious Archangel, Raphael, Gabriel, Michael but also to particular Saints or even to their Guardian Angels.
This magnificent avenue of prayer ensures that we fulfil the requirement to
never cease praying:-
P  59   5  16  Always rejoice.

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