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Musings 2006/208

shall rule them,
and shall lead them
to the fountains of the waters of life

The Lamb shall do this in accordance with The Will of God.

Yet it is He that shall rule
and He
that shall lead them.

If a person leads, it is his will that is followed - if a person follows he aligns his will with the leader. Both the action of leadership and follower require the use of the will.
The Lamb retains His Individuality and His freewill, then so shall all that comprise His Mystical Body.
On the other hand if those who comprise His Mystical Body forfeit their human or angelic freewill, then so shall Jesus, Himself.
The Holy Trinity
The Three Persons of The Holy Trinity have only One Will, One Being. They are One.
It would probably be the case also, that the Archangel (assuming that the Archangel perfectly reflects The Trinity) comprises three angelic persons but having only one will.
However, humans and ordinary Angels were created otherwise, each having his own will. While it will be true that in Heaven, the will of each Saint will perfectly and forever reflect The Will of God, nevertheless the will of each remains.
I see this as extremely important because everything else we have has been given to us by God. It is only our will and how we use it that we can claim to be absolutely ours -

and therefore the very essence of our individuality.

Just as The Will of God is His very Essence.
Further it is our will by which we join with others in becoming One in Christ's Mystical Body - in His Kingdom.
The will of each is the cement that makes Christ's Body one. In this way His Mystical Body is made up of loyal Christians - and others of good will - who agree to recognise, acknowledge and appreciate Christ in His Divinity.
I think this agreement, this co-operation of wills, will become eternally ongoing.
Freewill of the devil
I further think that few would disagree that the devil operates in God's creation using his freewill totally.
Or would someone suggest that the devil is acting not on his own will but acts as a robot or is forced? In that case we would have to assume that God is using the devil as a robot - or perhaps wielding him - to cause men and women to go to hell, wouldn't we?
No - not possible.
P  47  12  27  And if I by Beelzebub cast out devils, by whom do your children cast them out? Therefore they shall be your judges.
47  12  28  But if I by the Spirit of God cast out devils, then is the kingdom of God come upon you
. P
Jesus - of course - claims that He casts our devils by the Spirit of God, and we observe here four points:-

  1. that it the devil's will to stay in possession of the person. So much so that he has to be cast out;
  2. that God certainly is not to blame for the actions of the devil, for He Himself - through The Eternal-son - casts them out and gives power to man to also cast them out;
  3. indeed, God is opposed to the actions of the devil who, we must therefore perceive, is acting against God of his own freewill;
  4. that the devil, even though he has been judged by God and condemned to eternal punishment,
still has total freewill.
We quite clearly perceive here - and it is obvious anyway, as we observe the evil that contaminates the world - that the fallen angel and his evil horde act with freewill.
Total freewill.
The devil has retained his freewill - are we then to think that the Angels, loyal to God, have lost their freewill?
I think not.
The freewill of the Angels in Heaven remains total but, by the Grace of God, is aligned to His Will eternally, in absolute accord with their own freewill.
The same can be said of the Saints in Heaven.
One web site claims that the Pope has already proclaimed the non-existence of Limbo!
The author claimed she really didn't believe in Limbo, anyway, even though she was taught this at a Catholic school. She went on to express the hope that this was only a start and that the Pope will now declare that hell and Purgatory are also non-existent.
So, there you go! Wrong, wrong and wrong.
It reminds me of the great excitement that rolled around the world when it was expected that the Pope was going to do a turn-about and proclaim that artificial contraception was OK.
Catholics - even Priests - as I have been reliably informed, began to take it for granted that this would indeed happen, and even began to recommend artificial contraception to those who sought their help.
However, I continue to think

that Limbo did indeed exist up until Christ

- and this still seems to be accepted by one and all, because the souls of the Saints had to be somewhere until Christ opened the Way to Heaven.
The contention now seems to be that Limbo - since Christ came upon earth - is no longer needed and God's Mercy will find a way to make Limbo redundant.
From what I can gather on the subject The Universal Church has always taken it for granted that Limbo exists, virtually from the time of Christ. The only questions were:-
How to describe Limbo? Was there a separate Limbo for unbaptised children and the unborn children?
I contend, on the other hand, that Christ's statements MUST be taken seriously:-
50   3   5  Jesus answered: Amen, amen I say to thee, unless a man be born again of water and the Holy Ghost, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God. John

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