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Musings 2006/208

Nevertheless, as The Church teaches, God's Mercy is boundless and so The Church seeks hope that the unbaptised, especially the unborn, may somehow find Salvation.

The Church has already extended
Christ's born again of water and The Holy Spirit,
by declaring that Baptism can also obtained,
in a spiritual manner,

by those of good will who have not known of Christ and by those who die for The Faith - Baptism of Desire and Baptism of Blood.
Neither of these can be applied to infants and the unborn.
Theologians in the past have been prepared to do a back-flip on Church teaching, even theologians of good repute - even on declared Dogmas!
It now seems, from reports that are appearing hither and thither, that the official commission set up to review the history of Church teaching on Limbo, may be prepared to recommend that the current teaching on Limbo be revised to such an extent that it no longer exists!
One Bishop has come out in public, stating his hope that this will indeed be the case!
All this hype about Limbo has been brought about by the fact that Limbo is an
eternal, perfectly-happy abode, but is not Heaven and its citizens are not able to see God and experience the absolute delight of God's Presence.
One great preacher of The Church in Rome - a Priest I have long admired - has stated that hell is the absence of God and if Limbo is the same, then limbo is like hell!
You can't deny that, except to state that if the Holy Souls in Limbo are happy then perhaps they are also like the Saints in Heaven who are happy to perfection.
It seems to me that the whole controversy centres around the
permanence of Limbo, and as I have previously suggested, this permanence could be

a conditional permanence.

Indeed, this has always been the case with Limbo
if we review the facts correctly.
The Holy Souls who resided in Limbo awaiting The Christ, were really there on a permanent basis, were they not?

They were there on a conditional permanence
and that condition was that The Christ
would one day appear
and open the way for them to Heaven.

If The Christ never appeared, they would have been in Limbo forever!
Why should this characteristic of Limbo change? Why should we have to manipulate Christ's clear-cut statements on the absolute requirement of Baptism?
Once it is accepted that the permanence of Limbo is a
conditional permanence, then

it is a simple matter for The Church
to state the conditions required
to open the way for the Holy Souls therein,
to proceed into the immediate embrace of The Blessed Virgin

for presentation to her divine Son, and so to The Eternal-trinity.
The Church could declare how Baptism can be applied to these souls. Is there not some way by which the Grace of Baptism can be extended to the Holy Souls in Limbo?
(As I have previously shown, if help is indeed available to the souls of Limbo, then it must come from The Church on earth, i.e. not from The Church Suffering or The Church Triumphant.)
She has declared that we are able to help the Holy Souls in
Purgatory, through prayer.
Why not declare that we can help the Holy Souls in Limbo?
While the members of the Limbo Commission may be prepared to do a back-flip on Limbo, embarrassing The Church no end, inviting much media finger-pointing with the inevitable challenge that if The Church was wrong on Limbo, then what else was She wrong in?
What a field-day the mass media will have!
What mockery will be laid upon The Church from every direction especially the post-modernists that still inhabit Her inner-chambers.
It seems to me ( to be contrary - some might say

that Limbo will become
a Dogma
of The Universal Church

on the same status as Purgatory, and that the Pope will declare the manner by which baptismal Grace is provided to each inhabitant of Limbo.
P  47  16  18  And I say to thee: That thou art Peter; and upon this rock I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.
47  16  19  And I will give to thee the keys of the kingdom of heaven. And whatsoever thou shalt bind upon earth, it shall be bound also in heaven:

and whatsoever thou shalt loose upon earth,
it shall be loosed also in heaven. P Matthew.

Jehovah's Witnesses - The End of False Religion
This false religion has put out a pamphlet with the above heading!
Can you believe that?!
The JWs, as they now prefer to call themselves now that it has become clear to them that the word
Jehovah is a false form of the divine name Yahweh, have been spreading deceit around the globe ever since their man-created religion began in the 1870s.
They do not believe in The Holy Trinity and do not accept that Jesus Christ is the Son of God - God-made-man.

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