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Musings 2006/208

Indeed, they claim that Jesus is the Archangel Michael!!

We thus perceive that the JWs are not Christian.
Indeed the Muslims are closer to Catholicism then are the JWs,

for at least, the Muslims have a tremendous respect for the Virgin Mary and even acknowledge her Immaculate Conception.
The JWs on the other hand, in my personal experience with them, treat Mary with considerable disdain and even insult.
Indeed, there is not much about the JWs that I have found to have much worth.
Even Scripture has been subjected to their evil manipulations in that they have translated Scripture to suit their preconceived beliefs!! For example, where Jesus Christ is said to be
Lord in the New Testament - and where otherwise they would have translated Lord as Jehovah where this obviously relates to God - for Jesus, they translate the lord!
Therefore, I always quote to any of them who cares to knock on my door:-  Apocalypse
P 73  22  18  For I testify to every one that heareth the words of the prophecy of this book: If any man shall add to these things, God shall add unto him the plagues written in this book.
73  22  19  And if any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part out of the book of life, and out of the holy city, and from these things that are written in this book
. P
I have personally found that they have a special hatred for Catholicism and in this awful pamphlet, it is obvious that The Catholic Church is the main religion they consider false! They declare e.g. that a false religion can be observed by its action in charging money to pray for departed souls. There is a picture of a Catholic Priest - the way they used to look fifty years ago.
On the other hand the JWs
once proclaimed that religion and worldly power are the devil's instruments in keeping men of good away from the Truth  (Catholic Encyclopaedia p. 864, book 7), they now indirectly, deceptively claim, in this pamphlet, not only they have suddenly become a religion, but that they are the true religion!
And I have checked out the few quotes from Scripture they mention which would have a casual reader think all they say in the pamphlet is based on Scriptural record, but of course, this is another deception. 
Their quotes of Scripture or of any other book - to my knowledge - are ALWAYS deceptive; completely unreliable.
(If a JW quotes to me a Scriptural passage (or any other passage) for a certain reason or proof, I have
always found deception in his/her intention! )
So it is in this pamphlet.

But what amazes me about their pamphlet
is their astonishing statement The End of False Religion is Near!

Now, if nothing else is believable in their pamphlet,

I do believe that this statement is in fact the case
for I consider that The Universal Church, led by Peter,
will soon become the Light for the world,
with the result that all other religions
will be seen by all, as false.

What amazes me is that the JWs have somehow realised the same truth (of course, in a reverse situation where they falsely indoctrinate themselves that their 'religion' is the true one)!

I do not see this incredible perception of theirs
as coming from God.

In fact, they remind me of the satanic cults which correctly regard The Catholic Church as their prime enemy and target, being The Kingdom of God on earth.
From my observation, these cults are also preparing for an era of Truth and Love but only in so far as some of their kind might survive and re-ignite - in the future - a new evil.
Perhaps it is thought - from the dark side - that some members of the JW might also survive to and into, The Era of Love and become possible disciples of the future anti-christ?
Yet another mistake that the JWs make is to think that God's Kingdom on earth would be
viewed by the world as perfect when in fact, The Universal Church is like Her Founder and Beloved: betrayed, deserted, condemned, tortured and crucified.
And like Her Founder, Jesus Christ, will also rise from Her seeming destruction to become the Light for the world.
As well, a further likeness of The Church to Her Founder, is that She has always
supported and proclaimed Truth, has always generated Goodness and has always taught Love, in every age and generation.
Unlike the deceived and deceiving Jehovah Witnesses. May God somehow being them into His Embrace.   


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