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Musings 2006/209

The Amazing Faith of Atheists
It would be a difficult task to find, even in The Universal Church, the equal of the faith of the true, total, atheist, presuming there be one!
Their astonishing faith that there is no God is quite bewildering. Truly that is
blind faith. Indeed.
When one studies the heavens and the earth and all that is therein, the certainty that there is a Creator, a God, is easy to attain and establish. But to make the same study and come to the conclusion that there is no God, is quite incomprehensible.
What a conclusion! What a belief!
Prove there is a God, they will challenge.
Prove there is no God, is the best reply.
Now, even I have a good chance of proving the existence of God but there is absolutely no-one that can even give a half-reasonable proof that God does
not exist!
Yet, there are many who firmly believe that God does not exist.
One has to be astonished at this faith which persists in spite of innumerable obvious proofs and innumerable not-so-obvious proofs, of God's Existence.
To be an atheist goes against human nature itself, which, down the millenniums, in every nation, it can be observed in all peoples that they have some kind of spirituality, religion, belief in the supernatural and/or in gods and of course, in God.

It seems to be most unnatural
to not believe in some form of spirituality
- in some form of religion.

If one does not believe in God or in the supernatural, what then does one believe in?
What is left is the visible material universe.
Atheists however, must concede that the invisible universe does exist (although they are want to ask Can you see God?) for electricity and gravity and numerous types of invisible rays press themselves upon the visible world.
So I suppose atheists must accept the visible and the invisible world - probably on the condition it is accepted by science.
What does that say about science?
(But not all true atheists will agree to that, either, for I have read in a scientific journal that science is coming to accept that basic matter constantly comes and goes in and out of nothingness! This might be unacceptable to some atheists because it reflects upon the Catholic doctrine that God made the universe out of nothing.)
P   The American Association for the Advancement of Atheism (founded in 1925 in New York) proposes the following manifesto: 1. matter constitutes the reality of the universe; 2. all ideas come only from experience, from which man can form no conception of God; 3. organisms have evolved mechanically through natural selection; 4. no beneficent, omnipotent being offers provident care of man;

5. happiness of this life alone
should be the motive of conduct. P Catholic Encyclopaedia 1 - 1004.

One might well ask What are 'ideas'? How are they part of the material universe?
The encyclopaedia notes also that there are numerous definitions of atheism, all part of that group of mankind which believe in no God - not necessarily in accord, one with the other.
The flat statements of AAAA are quite scary, really, for they obviously think that we have no soul, everything being
matter. One has to then think, to the atheist, there is no Heaven nor hell. All we have in fact, is life on this earth which to a great number of people, is hell-on-earth. In fact, all of us at one time or another, have experienced hell-on-earth, for suffering has no favourites.
Fortunately for these people, they probably do believe in Heaven and so, their lives become not only bearable but in their souls they find God's peace and the exciting hope of eternal life with Him.
(I would suspect that atheism is found only in the so-called advanced nations, the wealthy and materialistic ones.)
But, if
all ideas come only from experience, then we must be thankful that atheistic beliefs have not reached these billions of people who are starving, in broken families, enslaved, imprisoned and/or mistreated, etc., for their great joy, their only joy, is to be found in the Truth of God that is set in their hearts - and this, coming directly from Himself.
And if
happiness in this life is all that we should strive for,

then we must give priority
to ourselves, at all times
and under all circumstances.

Good treatment of others must be of secondary priority and done only if that treatment will result in our own happiness.
happiness is probably not the correct word and it may well be that self-fulfilment is closer to the point, for I would think true happiness a stranger to the atheist. Perhaps the happiness of the atheist is to measured only by the acquisition of money and power and pleasure?
That of course, is self-fulfilment in this earthly life without thought for the possibility of an eternal life.
If the world was allowed to exist along these atheistic lines, I could easily believe that
the law of the jungle would be the bottom line.
Anything or anyone which caused a decline in one's self-fulfilment would need be removed or negated.
If that be the case, I would suspect that atheism would favour all abortion and all euthanasia; would even be sympathetic to some historically disgraced proposals e.g. the movement towards a perceived pure race of human beings by government/scientific control and manipulation.
All forms of artificial contraception would be tolerable and, where desired for any number of imagined benefits, enforced upon part or even whole populations.

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