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Musings 2006/209

To enforce or encourage abortion, euthanasia, artificial contraception etc.,

one would need to have the opinion
that certain other people
can not be allowed to achieve fulfilment in their lives.

These other people may represent a perceived threat to the world, perhaps through imagined over-population or perhaps they, because of age or sickness or whatever, may need just too much capital outlay to be spent on them, having become, in the atheist's view, no more then a liability to the economy.

We begin to observe that self-fulfilment
does not allow for the self-fulfilment in others,
unless one contributes to the other.

Therefore the self-fulfilment of the Catholic in this life, in the reality of the universe, in his intentions for a family, for a long holy life, for Catholic activities and for Catholic morals, could hardly be tolerated by atheism which opposes faith in God.
A society with Catholic morals would definitely not contribute to the self-fulfilment of atheists. Indeed, a Catholic society would be totally abhorrent - intolerable - to atheism.
It becomes more and more clear that the dogged faith of the atheist is a mystifying one - an illogical one - a self-destructive one.
The Catholic Faith
On the other hand, the Faith of Catholicism is filled to the brim with common sense, with logic, with proofs, with results, with real explanations of what the universe is all about and what mankind is all about.
Catholicism is full of historic phenomena - undeniable by anyone who cares to investigate - out of which miraculous events issued drawing great numbers, including atheists, into The Faith.

A true investigation into Catholicism,
by anyone of goodwill,
will result in conversion to The Faith,

for everything about Catholicism is sensational - it is phenomenal!
It is my opinion in fact, that anyone who honestly looks at history through the port-hole of Truth, will find that the world, that all humanity, that every nation, that every individual, still exists only because The Universal Church exists.
He would find that Christ is the One-and-only Source of Salvation and therefore His Church, The Universal Church, is equally the only Source of Salvation for the world, for the universe.
For The Universal Church is The Mystical Body of Jesus, The Christ.
Peering out of this Universal Church, as I sincerely hope I am doing, at the incredible faith found in atheism, I feel that, with all the Treasures available to me in The Church, my faith would be hard-put to compare to that of the true atheist who has no such Treasure and really relies on material things and on his life-long, limited physical senses, but still clings to his faith in a godless universe.
After this little review of atheism, it seems to me that it must be nigh impossible for a person to be a 100% true atheist.
Mary and Joseph
Mary is The Immaculate Conception, thereby reflecting The Eternal-father.
A well-respected seer in south east Queensland now claims a certain incomparable greatness for St. Joseph, Father to Jesus and Husband to Mary; a greatness that has claims even vying those of Mary!
With Joseph having those fabulous honours, it certainly makes it easy to agree with the seer that Joseph is a Patriarch beyond compare and that there is no other man that would have been as deserving as he, to be such an important, irreplaceable member of the Holy Family.
And so I have mused upon this important matter because The Church accepts that the Holy Family truly reflects The Divine Trinity in creation.
So, if Mary reflects The Eternal-father and Jesus
is The Eternal-son,

then Joseph reflects The Eternal-spirit.

This seems at first glance, to be an awkward reflection - for Mary, the Mother, reflects God The Father, whereas Joseph, the Father, reflects The Spirit.
One might have expected that Joseph, Father of Jesus on earth, would reflect The Father in Heaven.
However, there is no denying that Mary reflects The Eternal-father, she being The Immaculate Conception which reflects the Eternal-goodness and Purity-of-existence of God The Father. As well, Jesus issues directly from Mary in creation just as Jesus issues directly from The Father in eternity.
This awkward reflection is only
awkward because of human incapacity.
In fact, Mary reflects not only The Father, but also reflects The Son
and The Spirit.
Because Mary perfectly reflects The Father she therefore reflects The Son whose Person perfectly reflects The Father in The Godhead. It is His Reflection of The Father that makes Him The Son, The Word -
like Father, like Son.
Yet Mary also reflects The Spirit of God for she was
overshadowed by The Spirit at Jesus' Conception.
St. Joseph also, can be said to reflect The Three Persons of The Holy Trinity - he, while being the Father of Jesus, is not His biological father, and therefore like The Holy Spirit, Who is not the Divine-father of Jesus. While Jesus grew up under Joseph's care and so became a reflection of Joseph, as any son is to his father, it would indeed be the case in this unique relationship that Joseph on the contrary, reflected Jesus in his human and his divine values - just as did Mary.
Jesus Himself certainly reflects The Eternal-father and The Eternal-spirit Who issues from Them Both.
In fact, in some way, every person reflects The Father, Son and Spirit, for we are made in the likeness of God.
Once that point is established, then we may partly realise how the Holy Family truly reflects the Divine-family of Father, Son and Spirit.
This is so, because Jesus, Mary and Joseph, each reflect The Three Persons of The Godhead, but each in His/her own way
particularly reflects One Person of The Trinity.
Thus does Mary reflect The Holy Trinity but, in particular, The Eternal-father: and Joseph, in particular, The Eternal-spirit.
And together, Jesus, Mary and Joseph, reflect The Triune Godhead most perfectly.
This reflection is incomparable. It is perfect. It demands the greatest respect and admiration from all creation and from all creatures.

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