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Musings 2006/210

That Jesus should say this, that the scripture may be fulfilled, has always sounded awkward to me, as if Judas might have been saved if Scripture had not predicted he would be lost.
Jesus very obviously, thoroughly, believed in Scripture and the prophecies found therein.
Most of Scripture, the Old as well as the New Testament, is directed towards Jesus - He being the Messiah; and of course, all Scripture is the Word of God, inspired by The Spirit of Truth.
The Church teaches and has always taught from the Apostles onwards, that Tradition and Scripture have equal standing.

This is of course,
witnessed by Scripture itself and by history.

It is under Scripture and also Tradition that Benedict XVI is given by God, the power of infallibility. What he declares to be Dogma MUST be accepted by all Christians - indeed, must be accepted by all creation, whether Angel or creature.
I see Jesus' words
that the scripture may be fulfilled as the precise way He looks at the Pope's declaration on Christian Truth. I would suggest that these words might be applied thus:-

That the Truth declared by My Pope may be fulfilled.

Not only because all Christendom is obliged to listen and obey Peter, because he is Bishop of Rome and the Vicar of Christ, but also because Christ gave him his authority and power 2,000 years ago.
So that, if Jesus Christ came upon the earth today, He might declare (as an example)
You will be condemned for your blatant and unrepentant use of artificial contraception because my Vicar on earth, Pope Paul V, has declared it anathema.
Not to say that it was not always anathema - indeed it was - but to say that
the earth had proof that it was anathema,

because the Pope said so.

Yet again, mankind has no excuse.
Not only does it have no excuse, but it has become arrogant in despising God's Commandments and has given God the thumbs-down in

its reckless endeavour to take the place of God.

After all, don't we raise the dead, through our marvellous medical achievements? Don't we heal the sick? Don't we cleanse the lepers and cast out devils?
(Of course science does not
cast out devils (much of science would not believe in devils, anyway) - it is more likely that some forms of science assist in installing devils. Nevertheless science seems to cast out devils.)
Here is what Christ said to do:-
P   47  10   7  And going, preach, saying: The kingdom of heaven is at hand.
47  10   8  Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse the lepers, cast out devils: freely have you received, freely give.
Science has virtually paralleled all the miracles of Christ and His Saints. They have imitated some of the wonders of creation - now we can fly like the bird; we can depth and cross the oceans better then any fish; we provide our own light and heat; we can
move mountains and fill in valleys; we can communicate instantly across great distances; and so on and on.
It is my opinion that some in the world of science have got full of themselves and now thinks they can imitate anything that Christianity gives credence to God for.
In fact, I feel that science thinks it can go one better then God, given time and energy and inventiveness and given the discipline to be able to persevere in

the one and only successful scientific method they have,
which is trial and error, trial and error,
and trial and error!

(Of course it escapes most men and women of the scientific world that time, energy, inventiveness and discipline are gracious Gifts from God.)
No, science wants to outdo God and for example, create a new and better being - that is, a new and better creature.
And so they desperately need to delve into the intricacies of the human DNA. They need to do their normal thing - trial and error, experiment and experiment.
They think they need unborn human beings to experiment on, because at this time governments (some, anyway) do not recognise the unborn as human beings!
And science knows full well that this infamous situation in human history will not last. Soon - very soon - the world will recognise the human being from the moment of conception,

not only because this is Truth but also
because science itself has proved this to be the case!

So science in some spheres does not have time on its hands. It sees its usurping divinity as an urgent matter.
They must move quickly and do anything - ANYTHING - to keep the present status-quo - that is to say, that most people really do not care too much and do not think too much about the Ten Commandments.
Such scientists, in the meantime, see only their aggrandisement through an imagined breakthrough in proving that creation is really god - indeed, that we, as the supreme beings of the universe, are god - in  a year or two or a decade or two.
And they march one-eyed towards this goal, acknowledging no opposition, prepared to trample upon and destroy all opposition, regardless.
They will have - they must have - it is their destiny:- supremacy; they will be like gods.
They will create new life.
Yet they, the men and women of science, are merely human beings, lucky to even be born in the era of the contraceptive mentality, which remains but a temporary horror within this new era of mankind!
How can they artificially bring forth a human being into existence - dismember him/her - and experiment on the basic-fabric of man who remains part of the animal kingdom?
I say
part the animal kingdom, because these murderers of the human embryos do not consider, for an instant, that each human being, from conception,

has a soul - is a person.

Just as they had, themselves, at conception and through pregnancy.
purposely see only the body - cells and developing brain, muscles, blood etc.

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