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Musings 2006/210

In his appeal to the world he also reminded us:-

"You shall love the Lord your God
with all your heart, and with all your soul,
and with all your mind…
You shall love your neighbour as yourself"

(Mt 22:37-40).

This command comes out
of Truth.
This divine guide-line for Eternal-life, with and in Him,
is Truth,
and It comes from the Word of God, Sacred Scripture,
and was confirmed by The Word of God, Jesus Christ.

But Truth is only welcomed by a heart of goodness.
Making known Truth to hearts set against goodness is what could be indicated by Matthew:-  47 7 6 
Give not that which is holy to dogs; neither cast ye your pearls before swine.
That is because a person must have a heart of Goodness to receive and accept Truth - and, having Goodness and Truth, he is then electrified by Love.
This is Divine-life - From The Father (Goodness) issues The Son (Truth) and from The Son and The Father issues The Spirit (Love).
P 50   4  23  But the hour cometh, and now is, when

the true adorers shall adore the Father
in spirit and in truth.

For the Father also seeketh such to adore him.
50   4  24  God is a spirit; and they that adore him, must adore him in spirit and in
truth. P
All creation has been brought forth with The Trinity as the Model - the triune Godhead, Father, Son and Spirit.
And time and space and history flow in accord with the divine Model.
So we have from
the beginning, the Era of The Father from which issues Goodness, personified in The Immaculate Conception of Christ's Mother, Mary.
Flowing out of that era is the Era of The Son from which issues Truth, personified in The Universal Church and now we enter the Era of The Spirit from which issues Love, personified by ….. ?
Surely from this Era of Love will issue the
new heavens and the new earth, wherein we will find peace and harmony around the world.
If so, then these must come out of Goodness and Truth indicating that virtually each and every person - indeed all peoples - will be filled with a
goodness that is open to truth resulting in a real love of neighbour, everywhere.
So when the Pope reminds us of The Christ's Guideline of Love, he is not suggesting, for an instant, that goodness and truth have no importance.
He is not suggesting that a person might have true Love even while he lacks goodness and truth - an impossibility.
It seems that it might be possible for a person to be a good person even though he is lacking the full truth available to man.
This can only happen because God has placed the Ten Commandments in the heart of each person at conception. So a person who basically follows these Ten Commandments can be said to be a good person and, even though he is unfortunate not to have access to the Catholic doctrine of Christ, he is still a recipient of God's Love.
Such a person accepts the Truth found in his heart in the Ten Commandments, and lives his life accordingly. In this he is given the capacity to locate and embrace God's Love.
But of course God's People have always been clothed in goodness, truth and love and each era of creation has been veiled in these divine Virtues.

This is so because The Trinity
works as One

wherebye The Father works, through The Son, by The Spirit - in the Era of Goodness.
In the Era of Truth, The Son works in The Father, by The Spirit.
In the Era of Love, The Spirit works, in The Father, through The Son.
The Divine Trinity works thus throughout all creation, throughout all time and space, and in each and every person - in each and every fabric and energy of creation.
In every movement that happens throughout creation in every split-second, the
Triune Work continues.
Yet, while the Triune Work proceeds, the Work of The Father, the Work of The Son and the Work of The Holy Spirit can be perceived as if in a parallel, integrated manner, in the evolution of God's almighty plan for man and for all creation.

  1. 5  17  But Jesus answered them:
My Father worketh until now;
and I work. John.

It seems to me that The Spirit might now declare: The Father and The Son have been working and now I am working.
The real-Catholic
Often in these columns, I have claimed that the real-Catholic can be easily identified - by his obedience to the Pope, his devotion to Mary and the Angels, Saints and Holy Souls and his adoration of Christ in The Eucharist.
These characteristics in turn, produce another:-
Over the past century The Universal Church can be said to have been crucified. We only have to read the Encyclical

even then, The Church was in dire peril
- and it just got worse and worse, decade after decade.

Now if The Church has been virtually crucified (in imitation of Her Founder, Jesus Christ) then one would expect that the Faithful would be suffering terribly - aren't they themselves, The Church?
And indeed, they are suffering - that is, the real-Catholics are.
Impossible as it would have once seemed, there are great numbers of 'Catholics' who are content and seemingly happy

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