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Musings 2006/210

with the false-church that still infest numerous church buildings and calls itself Catholic, at least in countries such as America and Australia.
But the real-Catholics are truly suffering, for The Church can be said to have been virtually dead and buried - such are the wounds and scars found in and over Her, clearly seen by the rebellion of Priests and even Bishops and the blind following of a multitude of 'Catholics'; as well as the degradation of the 'Catholic' education system, and so on and on.

This suffering of the real-Catholic
is a Grace from God beyond measurement!

This Grace, in fact, can be said to be
the very Life
of The Church on earth
for without the real-Catholics The Church would have become extinct.
That is to say, the real-Catholic of the past century has been the Apostle of the present era, keeping the real-Christ alive in every nation.

It is a privilege beyond compare
to have been a real-Catholic over the past century

for the real-Catholic has been given such astonishing Grace from God as to remain immune to the unbelievable, multitudinous treacheries of modernism and so, to retain within himself, Truth.

It is around the suffering real-Catholic
that the resurrected Church will be formed
- is even now, being formed.

For the real-Church is rising from the dead and its new Life can be witnessed everywhere by the emergence of new movements replacing the old deceased orders which collapsed before the modernist onslaught, as well as the appointment of real-Catholic Bishops.   
Needless to say, the Popes over the past century have never deviated from Truth and have given extraordinary example not only to the Faithful but to the entire world.
It has been the Pope and the Bishops united to him together with a remnant of the Catholic world (the real-Catholics) that has been an incorruptible chain connecting Christ-on-earth of past centuries to Christ-on-earth of today and the future.
I would even go further and assert that the real-Catholic not only will be the seed from which the new Plant of Love will grow but that he will be the impetus that brings to reality the Era of The Spirit -
the new heavens and the new earth -  that he will be the impulse that will make The Church the light for the world.
Under these circumstances the sufferings of the real-Catholic so wounded by the
novelties and the inventive teachings he finds in his local church; who is distraught and affronted by the renovations of his church building; who finds himself marginalised by the willing cohorts of the greatest heresy of all time, modernism,

these sufferings are to be embraced
with the greatest appreciation for he thereby knows
that he is a true Apostle of these times.

P      In prayers and tears, by day and night;
For manv souls to intercede,
                And say to Him, my heart's Delight:
"O Little Brother, Heavenly King!
                For Thee the cross I gladly bear.
My only joy is suffering,
                Since thus Thy earthly lot I share".

So states Therese of Lisieux in her poem My Peace and My Joy.
only joy is suffering, and while I have often felt a little rebellion on such declarations (it would be nice not to have suffering, I have thought, somewhat cowardly)

with regard to the suffering of the real-Catholic,
I can see perfectly clearly how joy is suffering.

Indeed, I find it hard to think of any greater privilege or delight then the suffering of the real-Catholic who has been so astoundingly blest.
I know of real-Catholics in my area and in other areas of Australia and I thank God for them - I am truly blest to have them as my friends and I am forever indebted to them for they have kept me in the true Faith by their steadfastness and their constancy.
I look upon them as lights of goodness, truth and love but for whose example I would still be groping around in the darkness of a make-believe-church.
But in this suffering of the real-Catholic and in the fabulous Graces he is given,

he has been raised to a new, higher level of Truth
that he would never otherwise have ascended

- but for modernism.
Such is the justice of God.
Out of evil, He draws Goodness. The greater the evil, the greater the Goodness He draws from it!
One of the great truths that the real-Catholic has come to experience and hold close to his heart, is the
Priesthood. He now beholds the treasure of the real-Priest with delightful clarity. He is even stunned by this realisation, so grand is it!
To the real-Catholic the Priesthood has become a priceless Gift from Christ and which has Christ for its very Source. The Priest represents in a true manner, Christ Himself.
Christ has passed on His very Own Power to the Priest effected through the Sacraments of The Church. The Priest particularly embraces this Power in Holy Mass, Confession and Extreme Unction (nowadays called Blessing of the Sick).
But for the intrusion of modernism the real-Catholic would have remained unappreciative of this wondrous Gift which, in past decades, he had thoughtlessly taken for granted.
Having witnessed the deception and the peril that issues from rebellious Priests, the real-Catholic has become staggered, you might say, and even terrified, at the awful danger that has been poisoning the inner veins of The Mystical Body. Yes, they have felt anger and annoyance and even a spirit of rebellion, looking, in their desperation, for some alternative.

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