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Musings 2006/211

Therefore God shall send them the operation of error,
to believe lying:

60 2 11 That all may be judged
who have not believed the truth,
but have consented to iniquity.
60 2 12 But we ought to give thanks to God always for you, brethren, beloved of God, for that God hath chosen you first-fruits unto salvation, in sanctification of the spirit, and faith of the truth. P 2 Thessalonians

When the Apostle Paul says
But we ought to give thanks to God
always for you, brethren,
beloved of God
he is speaking to real-Catholics
in his own time,
but his words refer to them also,
in our own era.

The Eucharistic Era
The Era of The Spirit, The Era of Love and Harmony, is also said to be The Era of The Eucharist.
Now, accepting that this is so, we find that marvellous results MUST ensue;
has to happen.
The Eucharistic Era can mean only one thing:-

The Reality of Christ's Presence
in The Eucharist
will be observable
to each and every person
on the planet.

No doubt other phenomena will be forthcoming as well e.g. Eucharistic miracles.
However, an observable Real-Presence of Christ in The Eucharist, whether in a spiritual manner or through the senses, or both, will itself, change the entire world.
And change it overnight - even instantly!
If we accept that The Eucharistic Era as thus explained, and imagine that it is upon us we can expect the following immediate results.
The Catholic Priesthood
The Priesthood will instantly change as Priests become astonished in their new, wonderful awareness of the real power they wield at the Consecration!
Even those who already know this will be astounded, for it one thing to have faith in miracles and quite another to actually be conscious of oneself working a miracle that is observed by everyone.
While the Priest believes in his priestly powers when he consecrates the bread and the wine, he sees no change whatsoever to indicate that Christ Himself has become present.
On actually observing the change as a result of his priestly words of consecration, the Priest may even be terrified - at first.
Thereafter however, each and every Priest in the world will recognise and cherish his true Ministry, perfectly.
The treacherous Priests will return to The Church or die in their wretchedness - certainly the surreal Priests will no longer have the courage to use the words of Consecration.
Surely, they will be like Judas who could not accommodate his own treachery and perish, one way or another.
Once the Priesthood is thus purified, they will perform their sacerdotal duties with extreme care,

ensuring that they perform
their holy Work strictly
in accordance
with The Church's guidelines,

never failing in obedience to the Vicar of Christ, the Pope and his Magisterium.
They will do this, because, having become absolutely conscious of the magnificence of their stature as Priests, they will be acutely aware of their total need for guidance in their vocation,

simply because faith
in the Real Presence
breeds humility.

They will become even more certain that there is no alternative but to turn to, and remain within the bosom of, Mother Church - there is no where else to turn!
If nothing else were to happen in the Eucharistic Era, that alone would change the world -

500,000 saintly Priests
would conquer the world

Behaviour of Catholics
The observable Presence of Christ in the Eucharist would also transform every Catholic, everywhere, instantly.
Imagine the change in attitude of surreal-Catholics - and even real-Catholics!

To approach the Altar
as a communicant
would suddenly require
a holy courage!

Not only would we dress to suit the occasion in being presented to The King of Kings, but we would ensure that our souls were without sin - not only without sin, but filled with God's Graces!

And, there would be no more sacrilegious communions!

A person could well suffer mental disabilities approaching The Son of God in mortal sin not to mention the spiritual disabilities - the result could well be fatal.

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