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Musings 2006/211

Holy Communion
The consciousness of the Real Eucharistic Presence would bring consternation to the intending communicant and he would earnestly search for support - even requiring someone to accompany him!
(In imitating those approaching an ordinary king in this world.)
Who would the communicant look to, for this support?
Who better then Jesus Christ's own Mother - Mary?

Indeed, in the Eucharistic Era
there will be none
who would dare approach
the Catholic Altar
unless he be accompanied
by The Mother.

No-one. No Priest - no Bishop - no Cardinal - no Pope.
The Mother of God
With Mary at our side, we would be able to overcome our trepidation in approaching the Altar.
Without her I can not imagine anyone having the courage to approach Jesus, God-made-man, in The Holy Sacrament.
The Church of Christ
Because every nation has become aware of the real-Presence, The Eucharistic Presence, every leader - religious, governmental, bureaucratic, business, sport, trade, etc. - will take a new look at The Universal Church; at the Bishop of Rome; at the Doctrines of Truth that issue from the Magisterium; from the Pope.
This new look will have only one result - recognition of Catholicism as the one religion of God - the only one.
This new look will bring about the realisation that The Church is
the light for the world.
All nations will turn to Catholicism
The Reality of the Catholic Eucharist will be the catalyst for world peace in every corner of the world for a very long time - even one thousand years.
The three characteristics of the real-Catholic
No doubt that the reader will have become aware yet again that faith in the real-Presence automatically ensures devotion to The Mother and obedience to the Pope - the three ways to recognise the real-Catholic.
The fourth character of the real-Catholic in the past era - that of suffering, as he carries the Cross of The Church - will no longer affect him at all.
Indeed his suffering will turn to the fullest delight, for the Cross will have disappeared from his shoulder and he will witness The Church as gloriously risen from Her virtual death - something he already feels in the depths of his heart as a foretaste of the glory of the New Era as well as a foretaste of Heaven, itself.

Because the real-Catholic suffered
in his carrying of The Cross of The Church
in these past decades
it will be he who experiences Her virtual death
and who experiences the glory and the Her triumph
of Her Resurrection.

Preaching of Priests
The Priests of the New Era therefore, will preach The Gospel of Christ in it's Goodness and Truth, proclaiming the Love that transforms creation's history.
The Priest will point to The
Manna from Heaven - that is to say God coming down into His creation as Living Water, as the Bread of Life: as totally found in The Eucharist of Catholicism.
He will point to the history of creation in that The Woman of Scripture, representing all creation, becomes the glory of creation and the Co-operator with her adored Son, Jesus The Christ, in His universal Salvation.
He will point to
Peter, Chief of the Apostles, and the Apostles united to him - the faithful Bishops in every nation - and he will preach the lesson learned from hard experience:- the tragedy in failing to remain steadfast to real-Catholicism.
The Priest will recount the disasters that humanity experienced when man turned away from God and from His Lamb - from His Church.
The Catholic Priesthood
How magnificent is the Priesthood of Christ!
Men consecrated by the Power of the Apostles, received from Jesus Christ Himself, proceeding from generation to generation through the
laying of hands, most faithfully and perfectly preserved in The Universal Church of Benedict XVI, but also in the true Orthodox Churches.
One of the greatest victories God brought forth from the modernist rebellion (in that He brings forth Good out of evil, just as He brings forth Salvation out of Suffering) is the re-discovered grandeur of the Priest of Christ.
P We therefore confess that the Sacrifice of the Mass is and ought to be considered one and the same Sacrifice as that of the cross, for the victim is one and the same, namely, Christ our Lord, who offered Himself, once only, a bloody Sacrifice on the altar of the cross. The bloody and unbloody victim are not two, but one victim only, whose Sacrifice is daily renewed in the Eucharist, in obedience to the command of our Lord: Do this for a commemoration of me.

The priest is also one and the same, Christ the Lord;
for the ministers who offer Sacrifice,
consecrate the holy mysteries,
not in their own person, but in that of Christ,
as the words of consecration itself show,
for the priest does not say:
This is the body of Christ, but, This is MY body;

and thus, acting in the Person of Christ the Lord, he changes the substance of the bread and wine into the true substance of His body and blood. P Council of Trent
The Priesthood is so special. It is a definite requirement of the real-Catholic to pray for Priests, especially those furthest from The Church, and so, I print hereunder a prayer for Priests recommended to be said during Mass:

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