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Musings 2006/212


It is Truth that God is Love - Love is God.
Having stated that, we can expect that
Love loses its entire meaning for most people in the world - even those who proclaim that love changes everything (as in that wonderful song); even those who agree that love is a beautiful song (as in another great song); even those 'Catholics' who believe that love is all-important even as they falsely think that Truth is changeable!

If Truth is changeable,
then so is the Truth of the Commandment of Love!

Once the unchangeable Truth is accepted that God is Love, then every person must realign his thoughts, accordingly.
When a person says
I love you, we instantly know that that person is talking about something other then Love -

unless he means
I share with you the very Love of God .

When a person says I just love that movie, we are aware he means he is somehow uplifted by the movie, but he does not really mean Love.
And if someone comes into the shop and says
Can I have two packets of chewing gum, love, she is not suggesting that she means Love at all, but merely uses an expression in the same way as Australians do when they address a person as mate.
In fact the word
love has such a variety of meanings that it seems to have lost all meaning.
P Love - 1. to have great affection for a person or thing. 2. to have passionate desire for someone. 3. to like (to do something) very much. n. 4. an intense emotion of affection towards a person or thing. 5. a deep feeling of sexual attraction. 6. wholehearted liking for or pleasure in something. 7. a beloved person; often used as an endearment. .  P Collins Australian Dictionary.
The dictionary mentions nothing at all about God!
But when Jesus said love one another as I love you, He was not talking about the love as expressed by the dictionary. He was talking about The very Love of God which He shares, through His Spirit, with all of God's children.

Jesus was not talking about liking someone.

Jesus was not concerned, in this instance, whether you liked someone or not, for you must love everybody, even your enemies.

Therefore we realise that the real-Catholic
might very well dislike another person
but that he must still love him.

That is to say that the real-Catholic must seek to share the very Love of God with everyone, even those he might find intolerable for one reason or another.
Therefore, The Love that Jesus speaks of has another meaning altogether then that expressed by the dictionary.
This is so because in sharing the very Love of God we do not achieve this by merely saying
I love you. No, not at all, for in today's language the famous three words I love you, have come to mean next to nothing - indeed are often expressed only in the hope of gaining a passionate result; are often expressed between perverted companionships
We share the Love of God by hoping - sincerely and prayerfully - for the salvation of the particular person loved, realising that that person was created by God; is recognised, acknowledged and appreciated by God; has an eternal soul that God created to go to Heaven; that Jesus was crucified so that he might be saved!
Even in disliking or even loathing the habits or the characteristics of that person, has nothing to do - whatsoever - with loving that person, for Christ commanded otherwise when He made it perfectly clear that we must
love our enemies; do good to them that hate you.
I think I am safe in saying then, that
love has joined the growing list of words that have lost their true meaning.
This list of words that have become meaningless, is, I believe, not accidental, but the result of concerted efforts by the forces of evil.

It is just one front of the overall attack
upon Truth.

This attack has been very effective in society but especially in The Universal Church which is based on Love and Truth.
Modernism - and post-modernism continues - corrupted the word
love using it every which way in their distorted doctrines, so that everyone heard them preach luv, luv, luv, as a good Priest once stated from the pulpit.
While the modernists preached
love in this distorted way, convincing gullible Catholics that they followed Christ in His Commandment of Love, they, at the same time, promoted that Truth was ever changing!!
Can anyone believe we fell for that deception?
Indeed tens of millions of Catholics, including Priests and nuns in the hundreds of thousands, allowed themselves to succumb to these new formulas of love and truth! Even whole generations.
The devastation caused by this mass-deception actually threatened to destroy The Church!
It was because of this reduction to meaninglessness that I felt uncomfortable in saying to God
I love you.
The wonderful little prayer
Jesus, grant that I may love you daily more and more, had lost its power.
I began to say

Jesus, grant that I may
recognise, acknowledge and appreciate you
daily more and more.

Somehow this formula developed and I realised that for me, love was replaced by

recognise, acknowledge and appreciate.

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