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Musings 2006/212

The Truth I contend, is not just establishing a fact of life, but in recognising, acknowledging and appreciating something, particularly God; and of God.
That is to say, in having the Truth that God exists as taught by The Universal Church (and so by Christ Himself),

then we realise that God is all-powerful
and we are mere creatures,
even if called to extraordinary dignity.

The proper realisation of being mere creatures of The Almighty  MUST result is great humility and added to that, the fact that we are called to extraordinary dignity for all eternity, is a further requirement that we attain total humility, for we have been given greatness when we deserved condemnation.
Indeed, taking a
proper consideration of Truth from any perspective

will always lead to the virtue of humility.

If it does not, then it is certain that the person has not grasped the Truth at all but has been deceived or has deceived himself.
If we look at the fact of suffering and of sin as a Truth of God's creation and of God's Will, even then we must find ourselves further imbued in humility.
Where many turn away from God because of suffering or of some injustice - or where many will point the finger at God and accuse Him of many hateful things because of suffering - the person who grasps the Truth of suffering, grasps the humility that comes from Truth, for he perceives that suffering came from the sin of Adam and the sins of each of us, and that this

suffering is an massive avenue
through which the Mercy of God
showers down upon His children.

If we consider the Truth of Christ as God-made-man and the Salvation which He wrought for all creation and the indescribable suffering He underwent for this purpose, we are again forced into a powerful blessedness of humility.
Humility and the Virtues
I suppose humility is a must if we are to have any virtue. Without humility for example, one can not have obedience to God's Will.
Without humility, one must struggle to recognise, acknowledge and appreciate God and his neighbour.
Without humility, I suppose one is left with pride and having pride, instead of virtues, one grasps for the vices.
Where humility is the sure path to Goodness, to Truth and to Love, pride is the sure path to death, deception and hatred.
Yet humility seems to have become a rare quality in today's generations, even in religions; even in some regions that proclaim to be a part of The Universal Church.
In the movements towards ecumenism

the one and only impetus
that will achieve unity
is the exquisite virtue of humility.

Unfortunately, I have not witnessed such humility from leaders of churches and religions, except for John Paul the Great and Benedict XVI, both of whom have stated to the whole world that

they are prepared to consider every suggestion
as to how the Ministry of Peter
can be made more applicable to all peoples.

This astonishing act of humility which came first from John Paul the Great and confirmed by Benedict, was heard around the world.
This act of humility even grasped the stunned attention of the sensationalists in the mass media! They of course, could not comprehend the true humility in this offer -

an offer of the supreme Pontiff of God's Own Religion!

It was beyond their comprehension.
(At first it was beyond my comprehension too, for I asked myself
What is John Paul doing? He must not relent in the slightest on his Ministry as Peter!)
Unfortunately, it was also beyond the comprehension of Christian leaders everywhere, even the Orthodox!

Up until this today, I understand
that no Christian leader has offered
any suggestions
on this most vital point!!

Isn't that incredible?
The one great dislike that all non-Catholic Christians preach from daylight to dusk, from decade to decade, is the Catholic Pope and his charism of infallibility!
Here then, is their great opportunity to come forward and tell The Universal Church - and the whole world - how the ministry of Peter, found in the Bishop of Rome, should be structured and maintained!
But .  nothing! What?
Pope John Paul the Great was not only a living Saint and one of the greatest theologians of The Church, if not the greatest - not only was he one of the greatest Doctors of The Church; one of the greatest strategists of the millennium - but he was simply smart and his common sense is legend.
The reason why the leaders of the non-Catholic Churches and of other religions have not come forth to instruct The Church on how the Ministry of Peter should be carried out is very simple -
they have never really considered the question at all and they are nonplussed!!

How brilliant
was John Paul the Great
who forced them
to sit down and ponder
on the Ministry of Peter!!!

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