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Musings 2006/212

Now these leaders must study Scripture and study the history of Christendom, to form sensible views on this Ministry!!!
For the first time in history, they must truthfully seek the Reality on this vital Ministry

for they can not make
public proposals without having
acceptable reasonings and proofs
of their convictions!!

The whole world will read what they say!!
It is no good coming up with the proposal, for example, to scrap the Ministry of Peter and look to Scripture or to history to prove this - no, they would find instead, that there is every reason to uphold this Ministry. Indeed, they would find in their studies that this Ministry is vital to Christendom and even to the whole world!!
In studying Scripture and history, they would find proof after proof that the Ministry of Peter is exactly what The Universal Church says it is!!!
So - what has happened?
As I say:- NOTHING. No one has accepted the challenge to tell The Universal Church just how the Ministry of Peter can be made more relevant to the world of today!!
What does that say?
That says that humility is lacking in the leaders of the non-Catholic churches, especially the Orthodox who would have us believe that their own leaders descend from the Apostles! (And of course, they do. All the more reason to recognise Peter, the first of the Apostle!)
I can understand that many leaders who
do have humility, will indeed perceive that the Ministry of Peter is vital and that they and their followers should prostrate themselves before Peter, seeking forgiveness and begging for unity.
I can perceive that they can not just make a snap decision and expect their tens of millions of followers to immediately follow them, in true humility, overcoming everything they have been taught over a lifetime, in a matter of days.
No, such a transition would be tortuous and lengthily as they convince their followers what they themselves have come to realise.
However, the first step has to be made.
The first step would have to be

some public promotion
of the vital necessity
of the Ministry of Peter,

even if in a suggestive form.
There should be as well,
example given by the leaders of the non-Catholic churches, which example should show to their followers a certain preferred loyalty to the Vicar of Christ, the Pope, who is Peter, the Rock of Christ's Church.
P 47 16 18  And I say to thee: That thou art Peter; and upon this rock I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.
47 16 19  And I will give to thee the keys of the kingdom of heaven. And whatsoever thou shalt bind upon earth, it shall be bound also in heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt loose upon earth, it shall be loosed also in heaven. 
P Matthew
And what does all this require of the non-Catholic leaders?
Humility. Lots of humility. The humility of living Saints -  no less.
Perhaps such humility is being shown somewhere but I have yet to observe it.
The non-Catholic leaders do not have a great deal of time left to them, to follow this urgent call to take up the humility of Saints,

because Truth is spreading
around the world,
and overcoming deception,
starting first
in The Universal Church
where the injection of deception
has been conquered
once and for all.

Truth is becoming available to all individuals and from many sources, where once conflicting doctrines were available to them only from the pastors of the various churches.
The faithful of these churches are becoming more and more aware of the Pope's invitation regarding the Ministry of Peter and of The Universal Church's stand on such vital matters as abortion, euthanasia and solidarity of the family and particularly of Her unchangeable Doctrine.
That is why many Anglicans are not waiting for their leaders to show them the way to unity with Catholicism and have taken the step without them!
Some church leaders, to the contrary, having lost all humility, are paving the way for active homosexual pastors and for priestesses, and their followers have been forced to reconsider their allegiance to a church that once decried these and other obvious, unacceptable

Such leaders no longer give a dam
about the Ministry of Peter
and have no patience to even consider it
(unfortunately there are some leaders within The Church, still,
who can be counted in this lot!)

They go another way, the way of their father.
And so the leaders of the innumerable non-Catholic churches have a very limited time,

beyond which
their followers will take the leadership into their own hands
and embrace the Ministry of Peter
and the Truth taught by him.

One easy, swift way for the leaders of the many Christian churches to spread the Truth concerning Peter, is to

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