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Musings 2006/212

The result being - to such 'thinkers' - that there being no God, then we are god; the universe is god!
If the universe is all we have - if it is everything there is - then it has to be the god from which everything we have, has been given to us!
This in itself, is pretty hard to stomach!
How then does
evolution work?

Is this god, that is, the universe,
such a pathetic god
that from time to time
it actually improves itself?

If the universe is god then it started from something lesser and improved itself!!

Further, because we human beings
are superior to other animals and matter around us,
then we have become superior to this god!

The more you delve into this pure nonsense that the universe is god, the more you realise the stupidity of it - the insanity of it - the deception of it!
Certainly to think that
we are god does not satisfy the soul - it ridicules the intellect - it suggests that we are drongoes - it takes away all meaning of life, especially of the individual life - it takes away the concept of right and wrong, for we are god (even as we are about to die)!!

It takes away Eternal-life.

Because the material universe is ever-changing
ever re-producing life
ever decaying dead things.
Remove the spiritual sphere from the universe and you remove hope, reduce common-sense to nothingness and transform Love and Truth and Goodness into the law of the jungle - and so insanity prevails.
It all boils down to The Truth:- God exists. And God is the God as taught by Catholicism. It is simply true and simply provable.
God intended to make the female human being more like himself then the male!
It was to be the female that nurtured new life within her; to bring her sons and daughters into the world; to raise them to manhood.
It was to be The Woman who would bring forth The Christ into creation and to work with Him inseparably, becoming Coredemptrix. It was The Woman who remained by Him in His greatest suffering - upon the cross - steadfast to the end, while his Apostles betrayed and deserted Him.
It was to be The Woman who would be the most perfect part of the entire creation; who was to be raised to the highest point in Heaven, becoming Queen of Heaven, next only to God Himself!
It seems to me that is why God created man first of all and from him brought forth a woman to be his mate. In this way God gave ascendance to the man over the woman. For this reason also He gave him greater strength, larger limbs and a greater brain capacity.
That is why it is man that provides the life to the woman's womb.
That is why it is the man who must be the Priest.
To try and balance out God's blessings - to assist the male to realise, with an obedient and a humble attitude, the fact that the female would become God's most precious companion.
Just as Mary was Jesus' most precious companion.
Jesus became a Man for the same reason - and God is known as Father - and each of the Three divine Persons is addressed as
He; Him.
It is indeed so very, very true that
the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world.
How true it is that motherhood is the most important career on the face of the earth - has always been; will always be!
What an awful thing, then, for the female that she wants to be more and more like the male - that she wants to do all the things he does; be treated the same way!
If someone said to me that this pitiful trend in women is the biggest impetus towards lesbianism and homosexuality, I would not be in the least surprised.
If that same someone said also, that this trend is one of the biggest causes in family break-up, surprised I would
not be.
I suspect as well, that modernism and post-modernism, had advanced in leaps and bounds because of the female who did not like being female!
This is probably why we observe a majority of women assuming the work of extraordinary ministers and great numbers of women clamouring to be priestesses.
Thus we observe the once-great orders of Nuns, doing miraculous work over hundreds of years, collapsing overnight and the remnant  unrecognisable in plain cloths even as they seek to dominate the corridors of power.
What a tragedy!
How exquisite where the Nuns of forty years ago that I knew! Seeing two of our Catholic Nuns walking down the street clothed in their magnificent regalia, was a most beautiful sight to me and I can not think of anything more beautiful - and I am not excluding the stars in the heavens, a sunrise or rainbow or any other glorious picture.
Those Catholic Nuns in my view, were the greatest example, by their presence and by their devotion and their work, that The Catholic Church has ever had.
They were incomparable, unreplaceable - and now they've virtually disappeared!
Fortunately, some Orders survived and more fortunately new Orders have emerged.
But we observe in all this, just how important is the female to the planet earth and to the entire universe.
I have no doubt that the satanic forces focused their attention of the woman, seeking to undermine the glorious work of Motherhood and to create havoc in the female species in general.
Undermine the female; undermine also, the male. That's how the devil worked in the Garden and that's how he continues to work.
And if these forces could totally succeed in doing this, they would wreck not only the planet but also The Catholic Church,

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