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Musings 2006/212

The Mystical Body of Jesus Christ and so, destroy Salvation for everyone.
The Female Resistance
Fortunately, the female rose to the occasion. While their sisters around the world fell into the deceptions of modernism, there were the faithful ones -  one immediately recalls Mother Teresa.
There were females in prayer groups in every city and town giving example of real-Catholicism. There were wives everywhere, showing super-human strength in encouraging their husbands to resist the deceptions, and teaching their children Truth and Love.
It may have been a major factor in modernism that the female be targeted and it was a major factor in the defeat of modernism that the female resisted and indeed, turned defence into attack.
In all this, The Woman of Scripture was THE major factor in ensuring real-Catholicism remained in its pure form.
It was The Woman who prevailed upon the male to cling to The Universal Church; who especially encouraged Priests to remain faithful to the Pope and his Magisterium.
And this is not unusual, for The Church is ever grateful to The Woman, The Immaculate Conception, who is venerated down the centuries as the invincible power in defeating heresy and overcoming The Church's every enemy.
And so I suggest that it was due firstly, to the female that The Universal  Church was saved - through The Grace of God.
What sort of female?
It was not from the work of the average female one finds in today's cities and certainly not from the females of the feminist's movements who would prefer to be male. No, it was from the women who enjoyed the virtues of humility and obedience.
These latter females may seem to be rare, but they were sufficient in number and power and in the Grace of God, to cling to Truth.
They are the unheralded wives and daughters and Nuns whose humble work from day to day was not involved with the profit of great companies or the political intentions of governments; not with the entertainment of the population nor with the mastery of the sports or of the professions. (Although some of these  certainly succeeded in retaining humility in their successes, and contributed enormously to the Salvation of Man.)
But my admiration goes out to the women who did not belittle themselves as to adore the male stature clinging instead, to the art and culture of real-feminism - for, in lusting for the perceived male-dominance, the anti-female-females succumbed to the falsehood that the female is inferior and the male is the superior being!!
This is easy to understand if you think humility is a dishonour of self when in fact, humility is the Virtue of Angels and Saints and indeed, the Virtue of Christ Himself.
Herein the male is disadvantaged.
In a world where the male thinks he is the superior being he is the more easily lead to pride, rather then humility.
So that where humility is the conquering force the male is immediately at a disadvantage. Isn't he the provider? Isn't he the stronger of the sexes? Isn't he the leader? The head of the family? Isn't he the warrior that goes forth to save the nation; to save the family?
Indeed, he is all of these things and much, much more.
And so humility comes to the male with greater difficulty then it does to the female.
In lacking humility - the Virtue of The God-man - the male relies time after time, on the female to whom humility comes more easily.
One begins to see the wisdom of God in giving Adam a mate.
The One True Religion
It defies common sense to think that God desired to have thousands of religions, especially when none of them agree on virtually any matter.

It seems to me that God desired
that mankind get to know Him.

To get to know Him, one acquires Truth - Truth that is unchangeable just as God is unchangeable.
Indeed, it seems to me that it is a certain offence again The Creator to have innumerable religions having innumerable perceptions of what God is - in fact some having innumerable gods!!
Surely God made man so that he could learn the Truth of things. This is what man has seemed to be doing in all history - seeking Truth.
This is what Christ came upon earth to teach - Truth; He Who is Truth-personified.
There being only one God and one set of Truths about Him, then it seems common sense to expect that there would only be one religion - that religion having the Treasury of Truth within it.
And that Religion must be perceivable and approachable and available to everyone on the planet.
That Religion would have to be traceable back to the beginning of man and would have to have had an alliance with God from then and forever.
It would have to have guidelines given by God Himself as to what is the Truth about God and about creation.
It would have to resemble God Himself, just as the created resembles the creator - in that it possesses Goodness and Love as well as Truth.
The true Religion would be the one that suffers the most by reason of attacks from the side of evil and deception.
When one considers these requirements of the true Religion, one understands why modernism made every effort to camouflage The Catholic Church over the twentieth century making it seem just another religion, spreading the deception within Her and everywhere, that one religion is as good as another!! Even today, there are many within The Church that believes that one religion is the equal of another!
It is true that one who does his utmost in seeking to recognise, acknowledge and appreciate The Creator, will not be left unaided by God even though he is not a member of the one, true Religion. That is due to the Justice of God, not because his religion is the equal of the true Religion.
The Catholic Church is Poised
And, because God will prevail in His Own creation, so also will His Religion prevail.
One thing that most religions might agree on is that God is unconquerable - isn't that what God is, The Almighty?
The Catholic Church, being this one true Religion, has been crucified over the past century - in Her Faithful, Her teachings, Her Magisterium, Her Priesthood; in every way. There is not one facet of The Church that modernism has left unscathed;

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