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Musings 2006/212

that has not been fatally wounded; left for dead.
The uncountable martyrs of Catholic Faithful over the past century accounts for more then all other religions put together!
But, The Church has survived - intact.
She has survived the century given over to the devil. She has, at Her disposal, the Graces won by those countless martyrs but also by Her exquisite leaders, especially Her Popes, most especially John Paul The Great.
She has the Graces wrought by the Second Vatican Council.
She has the Graces gathered up, embraced and hoarded by real-Catholics in every nation and She has Benedict XVI and his loyal Bishops everywhere.
Yes, The Universal Church is ready to rise from the dead, as did Her Spouse, Christ Himself.
All the signs are there.
If the twentieth century was the devil's century, then he has had it and failed and his time is past.
It only remains for God to pronounce the devil's total defeat and then I believe, the impetus already begun, will accelerate into an era of peace where The Church will be viewed by all nations as The Victor.
And The Church will proclaim Her victory as belonging to The Woman of Scripture, specifically The Immaculate Conception, but also to women everywhere.


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