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Musings 2006/213

There is a certain procedure about God's creation and He carried it out in six steps.

There was no instant creation of all things, at all
- yet God is capable of this.

So one can truthfully say that there was a certain development, a fruition from the beginning until the sixth day.
Genesis speaks of
days of creation, and reinforces day by mentioning evening and morning, and the experts maintain the word used for day (yom) actually has the meaning of one, 24 hour day.
This does not sit comfortably with the rest of Chapter 1 of Genesis which declares for example, on the
fourth day:- let there be lights in the firmament to divide day and night,

and let them be for signs and for seasons
and for days
and years.

On the same day, God brought forth the sun and the moon.
One might be forgiven for thinking that the twenty-four hour day, daylight and night time, as we know it, began on
this day - the fourth.
The Church does not forbid that the meaning of
day be considered to be a time, or a period. (Refer page 365 Creation Rediscovered - Gerard J. Keane)
Perhaps also, the Scriptural saying
21 89 4  For a thousand years in thy sight are as yesterday, which is past. (Psalms) - and -  68 3 8  But of this one thing be not ignorant, my beloved, that one day with the Lord is as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day. (2nd. Peter)
However the same author - Keane - argues extremely well
against an extended time frame for the Genesis day, particularly if one claims that the day might be millions of years - or, as some would have it, billions!
At the same time, Gerard Keane is prepared to admit that explanation is needed with regard to the vast expanse of the universe - if the universe is a mere 6,000 years old (should Scripture be taken literally) how then has the light from galaxies
millions of light years away, got to the earth?
God's Availability in Creation
Scripture details the great interest that The Almighty has in His creation, particularly in the lives of His children.
This points to a very interesting fact:- that while God has gone to extreme lengths to make freewill absolutely available to man, He nevertheless, still fashions the progress of man - somehow.

This can only mean
that God does not intervene or intrude in the affairs of man
unless He first receives impulse from him.

That is to say, that God has provided a complete environment in which man has total freewill, but places Himself within His Own laws and guidelines; making Himself available to the prayers of man; to the sufferings and desperations of man.
(If this is the case, then one can understand the continued expectation of the devil in thinking he can win out against The Almighty.)
It also explains miracles and other things in Scripture, such as The Immaculate Conception of Mary.
Her wonderful parents, Joachim and Anne, in their goodness before God - and somehow - carrying an untainted seed of Adam (according to the visionary Anna Catherina Emerich) gave impulse to The Almighty Who then brought about The Immaculate Conception of their daughter, just as would have Adam and Eve, had they not sinned in The Garden.
In turn, the blossoming perfection of Mary in her sinlessness and sheer beauty, gave impulse to The Creator to proceed, through her, to become Man.
In both of these cases there is a witness to a form of evolution for,

from each parent,
there evolves something superior!

It seems fitting then, that godless evolutionists do not accept The Creator, do not accept Christ as God-made-man and do not accept The Immaculate Conception; and so are quite unable to point to these miracles of man's fruition to bolster their lost cause.
Man Has Soul and Intelligence
According to Gerard Keane The 'soul' is the principal of life in any particular living thing, despite whether it be a human being, some other type of creature, or a plant. (Page 181)
He goes on to declare the obvious, that the human soul is absolutely superior to the others.
At the same time, Keane points out that the brain size of apes and humans are
not greatly relevant in the origins debate. The theory of an increasing brain size leading up to human beings is false, he declares. (Pages 107/108)
This and many, many other scientific studies of the physical sphere prove
against Darwin's evolution.

As a result, it seems to me that
the origin debate
has been centring around the physical
to the exclusion of the spiritual.

In accord with God's physical laws of creation, Darwin's evolution is impossible, but what about a fruition of creation where the spiritual is also taken into account?
Could it be that fruition of God's prime Work, the human being, proceeded to the point where Adam and Eve became the first humans by way of spiritual activity upon the physical? The soul acting upon the body?
DNA - The Building Block of Life
This basic, super-brilliant architectural design and programme of a living thing, is now accepted by all - scientists and us common people; religious and non-religious.
DNA proves many things including, for example, that at conception the totality of the new born human is already present: eye colour, shin colour, male or female, etc. etc. etc.

I think that God had a plenitudenous 'DNA'
- a complete programme of source, design and energy -
for the entire universe.

God The Father supplied the building material for creation - He is The Source. He is The Father, you might say, from Whom the universe was conceived and born; The Eternal Son provided shape, design and intention so that The Holy Spirit

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