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Musings 2006/213

Hence by that human act
whereby spouses mutually
bestow and accept each other
a relationship arises which by divine will
and in the eyes of society too
is a lasting one.
For the good of the spouses and their off-springs as well as of society, the existence of the sacred bond no longer depends on human decisions alone.

For, God Himself is the author
of matrimony,

endowed as it is with various benefits and purposes. [1] All of these have a very decisive bearing on the continuation of the human race, on the personal development and eternal destiny of the individual members of a family, and on the dignity, stability, peace and prosperity of the family itself and of human society as a whole. By their very nature, the institution of matrimony itself and conjugal love are ordained for the procreation and education of children, and find in them their ultimate crown.  P PASTORAL CONSTITUTION: ON THE CHURCH IN THE MODERN WORLD - GAUDIUM ET SPES - Vatican Two.
So, it is a sad, sad thing for many otherwise good persons who allowed themselves to be swept away from a God-blest marriage into divorce and into remarriage or into a partnership.
They probably look back on their lives and perceive to some degree that they have lost out in the marriage life and family and feel lost, deserted and in an impossible position.
Unfortunately, this is probably all too true!
The Universal Church, in the documents I have perused, agonises over Her children who find themselves in a family situation where they are unable to go back but feel they can not continue - or feel that they desperately need to make their current situation a God-blest one.
The only real answer is Truth - the Catholic marriage is for life.
The Church reachs out for Her children who have forgone their marriage and exist in a seemingly impossible situation.
It seems to me prayer is a vital necessity - as it is in every situation!
Would it not be profitable for the Catholic person who is in such a family crisis to humbly explain his/her concerns with the 'partner'? To pray together?
To seek advice from a good Priest.
To seek out others in a like situation and pray together, looking always to The Almighty and to His Church - Catholicism.
I have spoken to many spouses on the matter of marriage and family, and I have found a common thread in marriages that have lasted the distance.
As we all know marriage is a battle ground, in a manner of speaking, even if not originally meant to be by The Almighty.
Indeed, there is no such thing as a perfect marriage in our world of original sin and of sin.

Therefore every marriage has problems
seemingly beyond cure.
There are many moments of hopelessness
that verge on despair.

Yet what I have found from those to whom I have spoken, was that they persevered over the troubled waters and the furious seas and came out of the storm all the better for it.
Their marriage survived and became stronger because of the conquest of these challenges.
Some have said, as well, they persevered in the marriage for the sake of their children, but when the children were gone, they found that their marriage  remained - strong and happy, even unbreakable!

They have been up the creek together
and they have found a solid destination.

Certainly, their steadfastness was, most times, inspired by faith.
Man as Creature
God gave man consciousness and the ability to recognise Truth.
The result was and is, when man recognised that he is a creature, brought forth from nothing - that everything he has, has been given to him - he feels rebellious.
Even though he can measure the time he actually became a creature in his mother's womb, and even though it is obvious that he has received everything that makes up his being,

he feels somehow betrayed - ashamed,
to be a creature!!

Why? Because a sense of pride is needled into his mind and, against all common sense and in spite of all the facts of life, man resents the idea that he is something created!
It is absolutely unreasonable that he should do so, but for some reason, he does not reason on this nor does he calmly pursue the matter in Truth.
The only thought that occupies the mind of man, with regard to his existence, is that he is
not a creature!!
God foresaw that this would trouble the souls of man and prepared him for this consciousness - this realisation that he is a mere creature.
It is exceptionally interesting that it can be perceived in this consciousness of creature-hood and the resultant rebellion, that

man is therefore conscious of his present dignity.

It is because he is conscious of his great dignity
that he resents being considered something created.
Again this resentment in man is one encouraged and cramped in place by the devil, who does all that he can to ensure man does not reach the Truth that, while it is an absolute that man is a creature, it is also true that what he has been given - the great dignity that God has placed upon him - is meant to be an eternal dignity.

Being a creature, after all,
merely means that man
had a beginning.

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