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Musings 2006/213

Having received existence - this incredible Gift that is beyond understanding but grasped a little in man's powerful pursuit for continued existence - of the avoidance of death and injury and of the pursuit of happiness and pleasure - it is a simple thing to be grateful for this existence and to be astonished that this Gift of life is meant to be forever; indeed, that man is destined for a share in the very Divinity.
God in His infinite Thoughtfulness for man's triumph went to extraordinary lengths to encourage him to accept creature-hood and to realise that His Gift of existence was meant to be an eternal existence, even if it had a beginning.
For this purpose God Himself took on creature-hood.
Perhaps it was a matter for thought for God, that the creature He desired to be raised to the ultimate heights of perfection - that is, a share in The Godhead -  must be provided with this consciousness of self and of creature-hood and of freewill, for it is through these extraordinary Gifts that God is able to share His Godhead.
More on this teaching of The Church.
While we await the decision of The Universal Church on this vital matter, it seems to me that it would be a great injustice if we took it for granted that The Church might declare that Limbo no longer exists!
What if The Church declares otherwise? - which I believe She will do.

If we predetermine that Limbo no longer exists
we will not pray for the Holy Souls in that place
- which would be a disaster, I think.

On the other hand if we pray for these Souls in Limbo and The Church declares that Limbo no longer applies, then our prayers will not have been wasted but their effects will be used by The Almighty for other purposes.
If The Church declares the existence of Limbo as a dogma then our prayers will be vindicated whereas, on the contrary,

we may well have failed these Holy Souls
by withdrawal of prayer.

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