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Musings 2006/214

The mass media around the world has jumped in head first and declared that Pope Benedict XVI and the International Theological Commission (ITC) has abandoned the idea of Limbo!!
The probability of this happening has been shaping up for years and with the release of
The Hope of Salvation for Infants Who Die Without Being Baptized by the ITC, reporters have gleefully made the boldest of statements!! To say the least.
It is quite amazing that, at the same time, a copy of this document was not able to be immediately obtained outside of America while in America it could have been conditionally purchased for $5 US with a $59 US postage fee (the annual fee)!
The 'prophetic' media reporters have long been stating that Limbo is on the way out - indeed, I have read that Limbo was already gone (this, months ago).
And now that the ITC report has been released with the approval of Pope Benedict, the mass media have taken it for granted, with absolutely no ground or evidence, that The Universal Church has scrapped Limbo once and for all.
All along I have thought the media reporting has been deceptive and even now, without having read the ITC document, it seems perfectly clear to me that

Limbo has not been scrapped at all

- in fact, nothing new has been revealed - at all.
And, on discovering the interview of
Sr. Sara Butler, a Missionary Servant of the Most Blessed Trinity (MSBT) with Andrew Rabel of Inside the Vatican, my suspicions were confirmed. (Refer page 1 of this newsletter for the full transcript.)
a member of the ITC, stated on more then occasion that

The commission is trying to say
what the Catechism of the Catholic Church
(CCC 1260, 1261, 1283) has already said,

and that is to say

that we have a right to hope
that God will find a way
to offer the grace of Christ
to infants who have no opportunity
for making a personal choice
with regard to their salvation.

She made it plain, also:-

. the theory of Limbo is not ruled out.
According to no. 41 of the document:
" besides the theory of Limbo
(which remains a possible theological option),
there can be other ways to integrate and safeguard
the principles of faith outlined in Scripture."

Confirming this from another angle, she states:-

The document makes no blanket declaration.

We observe here with clarity that the ITC has not ruled out Limbo at all - nor of course has the Pope. Indeed the document actually gives a certain confirmation of Limbo.
From the comments of Sister Butler, it seems to me that the ITC has come to the conclusion that the idea of a Limbo must be held as viable but that the hope for the souls in Limbo for salvation must
also be given credit, because of the Mercy of God and The Infinite Merits of Christ.
Or, to put it another way, there must be some avenue that God uses to bring souls to Heaven, even those unbaptised infants who are unable to merit Heaven or deserve hell - particularly those aborted humans murderously expelled from life virtually before life began.
I contend - yet again - that Limbo exists and,

just as it has always existed,
its residents remain there
on a conditional permanence.

It is my further opinion, even without reading the ITC document, that the document will actually support my contention.
It is clear that the ITC maintains that there is some theological support that God has not only the Power but the desire to bring every soul to Heaven - in this case,  the souls of Limbo.
This, in my opinion, opens the way for the Holy Father to declare that Limbo exists on a basis of conditional permanence and

to provide a means and method of release of such souls

through action within The Universal Church on earth.
As I have previously maintained, action to release the Holy Souls in Limbo must be taken by The Church
on earth.
I see it this way:-

  1. Limbo existed before Christ;
  2. Limbo, before Christ, existed on an eternal basis, conditional on Christ's Coming;
  3. Limbo must also exist since Christ, for the unbaptised must have a place, and would exist as previously - on an eternal basis conditional upon Christ's Coming through His Mystical Body on earth, The Church;
  4. that The Church, through the Pope and his Magisterium, is able to confirm Limbo and the means of deliverance of souls therein.

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