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Musings 2006/213

I do not see why innocent unbaptised infants forfeit every right to Eternal-life upon or after death - there is no ruling that their salvation must be accomplished before death, to my knowledge and Limbo and Purgatory suggest otherwise.
Obviously, all
mature humans, having lived their lives for whatever period, find themselves in an eternal state of Salvation or damnation, at death, but this certainly can not automatically be applied to the unbaptised innocent infants - more so, the infants not even born!
If that be correct, and the innocent unbaptised may find the possibility of Salvation after death,

then Limbo most definitely exists.

It seems to me certain, that Limbo exists, and the only real question is:-

can souls in Limbo find Eternal-salvation?

And The Universal Church knows the answer to that already, for the Holy Souls in Limbo, before Christ, found Salvation in Christ.
That answer applies to the Holy Souls in Limbo

And The Universal Church of Benedict is
and therefore is enabled
to secure Salvation
for the Holy Souls in Limbo.

That the ITC and other great people of The Church - e.g. Father Cantalamessa, the preacher to the Pontifical Household - are all to ready to say the Sacraments can be bypassed by God and that Limbo may not exist, thus enabling souls to go straight to Heaven, somehow, is beyond me.
Of course God can do anything - but I feel absolutely sure that God does not need to over-ride any Sacrament. It is not as though God slipped up in this matter, and has to do an emergency repair job! God certainly did not forget the unbaptised infants in His Plan of Salvation, particularly those who were not even given the chance of being born.
When Jesus introduced the Seven Sacraments, He did not do so - in my opinion - with any proviso. He did not bring in the Sacraments on the understanding that they would
not do the job totally and that God would fix things up when the Sacraments failed to do the job!
No. No. No.
Jesus introduced the Sacraments and the Sacraments will fulfil the Work of Redemption absolutely - in every respect, for everyone, including the unbaptised infants and unborn.
That is the very purpose and responsibility of The Church, is it not?
To explain the power of the Sacraments. To introduce the world to the fullness of the Sacraments. To administer the Sacraments.
So the Pope has been given the power of infallibility. So the Bishops in common, united with the Pope has the power of infallibility.
I have to say that The Church is
not able to pronounce that the Sacraments are somehow ineffective in some instances. I have to say that The Church is not able to bypass the issue and that She is powerless and can only leave the matter to destiny.
I believe the Sacraments of Jesus Christ are absolutely complete in themselves and can be applied to every circumstance and to every person in accord with The Gospel - with Scripture - as explained infallibly by The Church.
Further, I have to say that The Church is not able to drop the centuries old tradition of Limbo (the millenniums old tradition of Limbo!) at the drop of the hat. I have to say that The Church must support Her long held acceptance of Limbo and, at the same time, explain how this is possible under the current circumstances and amidst the myriad of pleas for the innocent unbaptised.
And this is so easily possible. Limbo exists and it is eternal, but it is conditionally eternal. The Holy Souls in Limbo can be released into Heaven, in the same manner as
always, that is by the intervention of Christ in His Own time and by His Church thereon.
Nothing could be more simpler but at the same time holding to the tradition of The Church and maintaining the dignity of The Church so that She continues to be seen by the world as stable as The Rock that is Peter.
Truth is always simple and the simple idea of conditional permanence for Limbo brings hope and joy to the world; to all those billions of parents who have witnessed the death of their unbaptised child or even, to those mothers who has consented to abortion but now hope for the salvation of that child.
The Catholic Church is the Religion of common sense and it seems to me that a Limbo of conditional permanence fits the bill in every aspect.
The New Era of Peace
The Our Father is an amazing prayer - the more you peer into its depths the more insight you receive.
You can never say this prayer enough.
While many an anti-Catholic would criticise repetition of prayer said by the real-Catholic, it is this very repetition that brings out the glory and the Truth of God.
Our Father is a prophetic prayer. It not only treats of the present in seeking give us this day our daily bread, but it promises a magnificent future:- Thy Will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.
Looking at the world today - and yesterday - one has to think that request is quite impossible to fulfil! The world seems like a filthy bucket of wreathing ugly worms, if one looks beyond the astonishing technologies and the gracious, glorious lifestyles of the
civilised world.
In this world of Darwinian evolution, where God is officially non-existent, deception is in the very air we breath, you might say.
But the
Our Father, taught by Jesus Christ Himself, is not a prayer that will be unfulfilled. That Jesus might have taught us a prayer that will not be answered - totally - is an impossibility.
Therefore God's Will
will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.
How is this possible when it is obvious that the forces of evil have sway around the world?
The answer is to be found in the same prayer the
Our Father.
The prayer, in its final sentence, states:-
deliver us from evil and The Church declares that this evil, is evil personified, that is, the devil.

Therefore God's Will will be done on earth

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