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Musings 2006/213

Indeed, it is St. Joseph who blesses the world. Certainly, he blesses the world because the world needs his blessing and he does so with the Child Jesus.
And when one reads this account of Anna Catherina Emmerich, this is no surprise:-
P  Joseph was deeply pious; he prayed much for the coming of the Messiah. I noticed, too, his great reserve in the presence of females. Shortly before his call to Jerusalem for his espousals with Mary, he entertained the idea of fitting up a more secluded oratory in his dwelling. But an angel appeared to him in prayer, and told him not to do it;

that, as in ancient times,
the Patriarch Joseph became by God's appointment
the administrator of the Egyptian granaries,
so now to him
was the granary of Redemption
to be wedded.

In his humility Joseph could not comprehend the meaning of this and so he betook himself to prayer. At last he was summoned to Jerusalem to be espoused to the Blessed Virgin. PPage 184 Life of Jesus Christ
The Moon, The Sun
It is a fact acknowledged by everyone that earth needs the sun.
Many have also come to realise that earth needs the moon also, for the moon affects every aspect of life. The moon has given a rhythm to the earth and its creatures as witnessed by the oceans tides.
There have been adorers of the sun as though it were a god, so important to man is it.
Even The Universal Church has acknowledged that the sun is so important that She has likened it to Christ Himself, Who shed the Light of God upon creation.
Many have seen the moon, which reflects the sun upon the world, as a companion to the sun and have equated this to Jesus and His Immaculate Mother, Mary.
It is truly significant that Mary reflects her Son's Light upon the world, so similar to the moon.
Yes, the moon's light is insignificant when compared to the sun's rays, although the moon has its own unique beauty and magnificence and we are able to see abroad by the moon's light.
I have mentioned this aspect before in these columns but the wonderful combination of the world, the moon and the sun is ever fascinating. In my continued fascination of this trinity, it has occurred to me that, while I am unable to look directly upon the sun because of its super-brilliance, I am easily able to look upon the lesser brilliance of the moon.
Here, I have found a further comparison - because Mary is a creature, albeit the most perfect, we her children, are easy able to focus upon her and her beauty. On the other hand the beauty of the sun is too bright for us, just as is the Divinity of The Son beyond our comprehension.
On contemplating the radiance and wonders of the moon then, we are spellbound to then consider the brilliance and the power of the sun.
Just so do we feel astounded at the Glory of Jesus Christ having first pondered on the purity and beauty of His Mother.
There can be no coincidence in this - that Mary reflects The Sun just as the moon reflects the sun.
And having come to the realisation of the grandeur of St. Joseph, I have been wondering what heavenly body represents him.
I mention this because where Jesus and Mary are mentioned, one must also mention Joseph. They are family. They represent on earth, the most Holy Trinity.
So, when the sun and the moon are mentioned, where is the third part of that trinity?
Perhaps we may see this in the fullness of the new Era of The Spirit whom Joseph so wonderfully reflects.


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