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Musings 2006/215

The Silent Majority
We often hear mentioned the silent majority, which presumably includes the greater percentage of people of a nation, or even of the world, which do not control or occupy the corridors of power, but which nevertheless has its opinion - often in opposition to that expressed by those who do occupy the corridors of power.
It seems to me that the
silent majority has just about had enough of what goes on in the corridors of power - just about had enough of the mass media's public entry into the pornographic arena - of the general attack on Christianity - of the mismanagement of its children's' education - of the lack of moral fibre, generally, in  politicians and other power brokers - of the break-up of its families and the awful results that affect whole nations.
True, we (the silent majority) elect our politicians and we support the mass media and we can only blame ourselves for what our governments and the mass media deal out to us.
Yet I feel that there is a mood in the
silent majority that bodes ill for those who walk the corridors of power, whether in politics or in capitalism - or elsewhere, even in some sections of the religious world.
Power brokers of evil only maintain their power because of the
silence of the majority.
I feel the following letter to the Australian Broadcasting Commission from a married couple hints at what I am trying to say:-
P We mainly watch and listen to the ABC and have recently noticed a slightly more even-handed approach in political matters however a somewhat anti Christian bias is still obvious as shown by your labelling as 'hard line' and subsequent interview of Archbishop Hickey and your earlier comments about Cardinal Pell.
Stephen Crittenden's Religion Report, to which I am currently listening, has moved from bias to attack with a totally one sided presentation lambasting Pell, Hickey and the Catholic Church. To-day's program is purely being used as a forum for disgruntled 'Catholics' who appear to have long given up following the teachings of the Church and would thereby have excommunicated themselves.
You are obviously not a practicing Catholic and yet choose to be strongly critical of church leaders for speaking out on moral issues as seen from a Catholic perspective.
The Catholic faith with its 2000 years of tradition cannot be easily summarized but must be lived and fully embraced to understand its wisdom and to appreciate the boundless benefits that flow therefrom.
The Church's teachings on embryonic stem cell research, abortion, sexuality, divorce etc. may seem harsh to a casual observer or an intermittent Catholic, however, having lived this faith we can truly vouch for the peace, tranquillity and stability that are just some of the blessings that our family has received and which we have also witnessed in the lives of our children and their families.
Gerard Henderson is apparently not a Catholic and yet during your last Friday discussion with him, he managed to strongly defend the Catholic/Christian position for which we congratulate him.
Fran, we are sure that if you truly approached the Catholic faith with an open mind you would see that it is not evil or about trying to oppress anyone, especially not women, to which our five daughters would attest.
We observe in this letter to the ABC a plea from the
silent majority for the presentation of truth and justice from the mass media.
While the plea is directed against what might appear to be legitimate public discussion and expression of personal opinion, it underlines a certain bias both from the organisation and from the employees of the organisation, in this case the ABC.
The plea is therefore of the utmost importance for it is directed against the
leading-edge of evil endeavour which is the delicate but definitive tip of a multitude of evils. The plea is directed against public presentations displaying plausible ideas, with seemingly good intentions and with at-first-glance, reasonable arguments! Yet there is a hidden agenda, all too often, not always perceived by the silent majority.
From these
plausible ideas and reasonable arguments come the next step:- plausible ideas and reasonable arguments for something worse; so that an acidic regimen of decadence is tragically inserted into the thinking of the audience. This regimen continues until greater and greater immorality seems acceptable.
We easily perceive this dissipation of moral values in television by recalling the presentations of 20, 30 and 40 years ago as compared to the pornography available on each and every channel  of today.
We observe the same general decay in the songs and the singers of past decades when compared to today.
But the wheel has turned its circle and the
silent majority has witnessed the numerous disasters that have resulted from the culture of death, the culture of deception and the culture of pleasure - it has intimately experienced the awfulness of the immoral society.
Everywhere, the disasters are obvious - not just in television programmes but in bureaucratic acceptance and even approval of  evil which can be highlighted by the lawful legislation of some countries of partial-birth abortion!!
Families around the world are in various states of destruction and this world calamity has hit home to everyone.
So, I contend that the circle has turned and that common sense and sanity has returned and the
silent majority is rising up, eyes opened and determined for truth and peace and family unity.
The report of the International Theological Commission (ITC), The Hope of Salvation for Infants Who Die Without Being Baptized is included herein.
I have previously maintained that the report of the ITC would support the notion of Limbo, in spite of massive mass media reports to the contrary. Having read the report I have not changed my mind in that regard but I find difficulty in understanding many of the ITC's comments - probably because I am a mere Catholic having no recognized theological training.
From the now-defunct Catholic education that I have been privileged to have had, I have believed that The Church is The Mystical Body of Christ, and what She teaches has the same authority of Christ Himself.
This I continue to believe and this continues to be the basic requirement of every member of The Catholic Church.
Bearing in mind that The Church has declared Purgatory to be a reality - a Doctrine - and that Limbo existed up until the time of Christ, I am at a loss as to the ITC's definitive statement:-
79. It must be clearly acknowledged that The Church does not have sure knowledge about the salvation of unbaptized infants who die.
The ITC follows this definitive statement with a contradictory one:-

She knows and celebrates the glory of the Holy Innocents.

If The Church knows and celebrates the glory of the Holy Innocents, then The Church most definitely does have a sure knowledge about the salvation of unbaptised infants who die.
I am lead to wonder why the ITC goes to considerable lengths - and praise and congratulations to them for this - to expound the possibility that unbaptised infants might obtain eternal-glory, but at the same time, contend that The Church is totally unable to rule on the matter!!
I also have problems in my lack of education, in the ITC's contention that God does
not stand by His Precepts absolutely. The ITC states:-
(82b.) (God did not bind his power to the sacraments so as to be unable to bestow the sacramental effect without conferring the sacrament).
The ITC reinforces this by the re-statement:-

(82b) The need for the sacrament is not absolute.

It is my contention that The Almighty DOES totally and absolutely stand by His Precepts. So that when Jesus says unless one is born of

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