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Musings 2006/216

Summorum Pontificum
The Pope's definite command, in this Papal document, that the Tridentine Mass be made available everywhere is truly something wondrous.
I have read other documents of Pope Benedict XVI and I feel that I had then observed his papal infallibility flowing through.
But I, subconsciously, was looking for more from him.
When John Paul The Great left us, I have to admit I was a little fearful of who his successor might be. And even when the great Cardinal Ratzinger - to everyone's astonishment - became the Supreme Pontiff of The Church of Christ, I still wondered if the extraordinary, unrivalled evil of modernism would continue somehow into the Heart of The Church, so that the good that John Paul The Great had done, might be undone.
Even against my own inner faith in the Vicar of Christ, I have awaited proof that Benedict XVI is a worthy successor of John Paul The Great.
My miserable faith in
Peter however, has been renewed absolutely with the issue of Summorum Pontificum.
I see in this document the power and the reality of
Peter in Benedict XVI.
I feel that
Summorum Pontificum is a proof that Benedict XVI  is indeed, a worthy successor as the Vicar of Christ.
I further feel that
Summorum Pontificum is the final curtain closer  on the world-wide stage of modernism but also upon the weak and pathetic child of modernism - post-modernism.
Could it be, even, that this exquisite, historical document will accelerate our entry into the fullness of The Era of Peace?
The document is set out in language so simple and so short, yet leaving no room for disobedience or deception, that everyone can understand it and perceive what is required  by it.
The more I think about it, the more I think it came not only from The Spirit of Truth but also from the genius of man.
The world has always known that Cardinal Ratzinger was a master of theology and of Church history and of the knowledge of The Church, as could only be had by a son of his Mother - for The Church was and is, his Mother. The world has known him as a faithful assistant to the great John Paul - and even appeared to many to be the policeman of Church doctrine.
But as Benedict XVI, the great Cardinal has humbly entered into the lonely stature of infallibility. His
Summorum Pontificum  is an explosive bullet that has pierced the awful body of modernism, already in progressed decay, and I await with enthusiasm the delicious and sweet refreshment of a reunited Catholicism.
Of course, the Novus Ordo is the accepted Liturgy for The Holy Sacrifice of Mass in this era, but the Novus Ordo Mass issues, as a son from a father, from the ancient Tridentine Mass and therefore - one might say - are inseparable; one and the same.
The fullness of the Tridentine Mass, with the glory and the symbolism of the marvellous vestments, the mystery of the pageantry, the unchanging Latin language, the inner conception in the heart of each Catholic that he is truly witnessing The Passion of Christ and the knowledge that in every church in the world, the exact same Tradition is observed, are passionate realisations of the Catholic's identity before God and before the heavenly Host.
This papal document is an ignition which will set alight the long-readied fuse so that the resultant explosion will clear the planet's air of modernism both within The Church and within society.
Post-modernists' Reaction
We can only guess at the shock that has penetrated the post-modernists' camp. They will have been meeting around the globe, pondering upon this unstoppable burning fuse, already warming their toes.
How will they attempt to defuse the Pontiff's check-mate? No doubt the pulpits they occupy  will remain absolutely silent on the matter - a most successful ploy of past decades.
Or, on the other hand, it might be time for their pulpits to resound with the call for full schism, previously done ever so subtly through innuendo and slight-of-the-hand deception; but never, ever, made in a forthright manner.
However, it is pretty clear that the
silent-pulpit approach will be of absolutely no value whatsoever, because the real-Catholics will be making their legitimate claims for the Tridentine Mass to the Priest and then to the Bishop.
silent-pulpit approach was only successful when leadership was required by the Parish Priest who was expected to promote the lawful requests of Catholic Hierarchy.

Now, action will come from the Faithful
and the Priest must oblige their legitimate requests.

On the other hand defiance from the pulpit will also be a complete waste of time, because they can not afford to show their true colours unless they are prepared to go into schism.
Fortunately, it is far too late to create a successful schism because the real-Catholics are now totally aware of what has been going on in The Church and most other Catholics, ignorant of what has been going on, can not be relied upon to last the distance - the latter in the main may have already become disinterested or even have left for other Christian denominations seeking some black-and-white beliefs.
A schism now, would mean that the apostate Priests would take with them only the hard-liner modernists in their congregations which, when the ultimate call comes, will be very few in number.
When the chips are down, the great majority of Catholics will follow their Bishop if he agrees with the Pope and the rare Bishop who is prepared to encourage schism - if any - might have a temporary success as far as numbers go, but even these cases will be short-lived as the real-Church enters their domains to restore Truth and hope and loyalty.
Should the post-modernists opt for a schism, this will create a situation where the opposing arguments become VERY public, observed by everyone -

the situation would develop into a clear-cut decision

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