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Musings 2006/216

And of course, there is the religion of satanism (which believes in demonic 'truths' and probably realises the existence of One God).
Obviously, if all religions are equal, then one must hold that there is no such thing as ultimate-truth - Truth that never changes. The only way that all religions can be equal is to accept that there is no ultimate-truth -

because if there is ultimate-truth
then one has to say that
the religion that has this Truth
is the religion of God,
and that all others which disagree are false.

Simple as that. And that is the way it has to be.
Therefore it all boils down to the simple question -

is there such a thing as ultimate-truth?

(It is a very strange thing that each genuine religion believes there is ultimate-truth and that that religion has the ultimate-truth.)
If we look at the world around us, we perceive that some things are true and some are not.
The sun exists. Do we have anyone saying
The sun does not exist?
I would not be surprised to find someone who claims that the sun does not exist and that it is just a part of our collective imagination - probably because he claims that no-one and no thing exists and that we all belong to a dream of a god (or something).
That same
someone, thinking that gravity does not exist and to prove it, might jump from a 1,000 metre cliff to his death.
When scientists and engineers and staff set out to achieve a goal - a flight to the moon, an advanced computer, etc. - they
religiously follow the laws of nature. Even the faintest deviation means complete failure. These scientists and engineers are painfully aware that there are unchanging laws in the universe - the truths of nature.
Yet, even in man-made parameters e.g. in mathematics where we have decided that 2 + 2 = 4, we perceive that deviation from a set fact means everything that follows is unworkable. Therefore the architects building a multi-story building will never use the formula 2+2=5!
It is a VERY easy thing to perceive that, all around us, there are unchanging facts - unchangeable facts.
Yet, we have nincompoops who tell us that, with regard to the
most important things of life, that is, the meaning of life and our destiny, and whether God exists or not, that there is no such thing as ultimate-truth!!! These nincompoops tell us that we can believe anything we like in the spiritual field, and we will be OK!!!
That is to say, they tell us that all religions are all equal, even though their basic beliefs are contradictory and irreconcilable!
But worst of all, these nincompoops expect us to believe this absolute nonsense as if
we were the nincompoops!!!
So, we come to the conclusion that there is ultimate-truth and therefore all religions are
not equal and therefore, there MUST be only one Religion that is the true religion of God.
Once we accept this very simple truth - out of pure common sense - we also perceive that God would have it no other way. Does God desire His children to spend their lives adoring statues? Or adoring numerous gods of every description?
Could it be possible that God is happy with the intelligence of His children who have made other 'gods'? With their own hands? Out of their own imaginations?

If God exists then He created the universe for
very specific reasons (which we term as Truths)

and having made man with great intelligence - with enough grey-matter to realise that there is God -

then He expects
that man will acknowledge His Existence.

The question with God then, as regard His children, is not whether they believe He exists, but whether they recognise, acknowledge and appreciate Him - knowing that He does exist.
That is to say, knowing that God exists,
will His children accept Him or reject Him?
Once we acknowledge that God exists and that there are ultimate-truths for us to accept, the matter become even more simpler:-

which is the true religion of God?

And that question is also very easy to answer for someone who cares to thoroughly investigate the Truth of things and who genuinely studies history and the doctrines of the religions.
Anyone with common-sense can perceive the Religion of God.
There are three easily perceived pointers to God's Religion. These three pointers are the bases of all virtues:- Goodness, Truth and Love - and the Religion of God is the one that proclaims these pointers and abides within them.
But here we are considering Truth.
The Religion of God is that one which has doctrines that have never changed - unchangeable truths - except where the same doctrines are more fully revealed.
That Religion must virtually be a Treasury of Truth.

To make a final point,
if there is no such thing as one, true religion of God,
and that all religions are equal,
then we must take it that
- not only that there is no such thing as ultimate truth -
but in fact, everything is deception.

It seems to me that the greatest Gift from God to each and every one of us is:- existence.
To actually exist!        To have being!
be a person with a body and a soul!
One way of realising in part, the unfathomable magnificence of being a human being, is to consider the reality of hell - where survive those who have cast away the potential given them in this Gift of existence.
In hell, I believe, the greatest suffering is the realisation of this incomparable magnificence of having existence and of

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