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Musings 2006/216

having squandered the potential God desired for them.
The spirits of the dammed are distraught beyond distraught at having brought themselves to eternal-depravity. Yet, in this depravity there is no repentance but only resentment and hatred at their complete decadence and indeed, they would drag others, still struggling in the world for completeness of being, to join them in damnation!
These denizens of irretrievable potential of Life not only suffer from this terrifying realisation but in their assumed deception would draw their neighbours and even, their families, into the culture of permanent-death which belongs solely to them.
As I have suggested before, these denizens are able to choose to completely forfeit their existence. That is to say, I believe they are able to choose to
cease to exist altogether and so, end their incredible suffering - thus being released from hell and from existence.
But - and this is even more astounding and gives the ultimate evidence that existence is so, so exquisite - these demons and devils choose to cling to life, even in their total debasement.
How much more should we then appreciate the existence God has given to each of us still on earth? How much more we should strive to follow God's guidelines to achieve the full potential He has destined for us in our existence - the Ten Commandments and the Commandment of The Church?
God's Will for Us
The Ten Commandments are the guidelines for us to reach the perfection of existence God has given to us.
And, as The Lord has confirmed, these Commandments are summed up thus:
Love God with all your heart and your neighbour as yourselves.
What is so marvellous about the Ten Commandments and the Commandment of Love and of Truth, is that we are enabled to live our lives - to fulfil our existence - with PLENTY of room to manoeuvre, so to speak.
That is to say, God does not tell us from one second to the next, what we should do, what we should say, what we should think or what we should NOT do, say or think!
Of course not. God wants us to be individuals. He wants Saints and Angels of every lovable description, of every type of beauty, of every variety of sanctity, of every form of perfection.
He does not want a Heaven of robots, all exactly the same! He wants beings of freewill who use the Gifts given them and so, to recognise, acknowledge and appreciate Him and His Gifts, each in his own particular way and through his own particular pathway to Eternity.
Therefore, while remaining faithful to the Commandments of Scripture and of The Church, we are able to live the fullest of lives - we are not crammed down a narrow pathway with no room to investigate the scenery around us or to study the pathway on which we travel.
No. We are able to travel along the pathway of the Commandments and enjoy every foot of the way, even when we are in sorrow or suffering.
Because the Peace and the Love found on this pathway are above and beyond the attempts to lead or force us into the darkness, over the edges.
How grand, how life-giving are God's Commandments, the Guidelines to perfection-of-being!

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