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Musings 2007/217

Man is rejecting God's offer of Eternal-dignity with Him and chooses rather, eternal-degeneration!
The devil, even in his thorough defeat, has left a scar upon the entire universe. The success of the devil in his defiance - and of those multitudes who have joined him - is a terrifying thing; almost impossible to believe.
It is a stupendous thing that we human beings can be so blind, so impossibly stupid, as to choose blindness to sight, excretion to food, malfunction to flawlessness.
God is Perfect but I have to think that mankind has almost tested Him in His Patience and His Mercy and His Forgiveness - and all of these probabilities are expressed in the Old Testament.
And so, even as I also test The Almighty's Patience, I perceive how we humans can have degenerated to such depths. It is not just pathetic and disgraceful that we should turn against our very own Creator, but it is plain insanity.
In considering God and His defiant creatures, I begin to get the full mean of
And I perceive that hell is the final dumping place for the insane.
And we really have no excuse, have we?
What more could God have done? Sending His Own Son -
This is the heir: come, let us kill him, and we shall have his inheritance.
47  21  39  And taking him, they cast him forth out of the vineyard, and killed him.
It is we, human beings, who killed The Son. Each sin against man, against God, was an impulse that swept The Son to Golgotha. Every sin, from Adam to the end, was gathered together and built into, The Cross that Jesus carried.
Common sense also tells us that there has to be a hell, because just as there is goodness in the world and in peoples (these people becoming part of The Kingdom of God) there is also evil in the world and in peoples, these having no part of The Kingdom.
If they have no part of The Kingdom, then they must have another place to go - for Jesus is immortal and so therefore are we - they live on after death.
The people of evil are human beings and so, immortal. Yet, they have rejected The Kingdom of God.
I want to again look at the denizens of hell and their future.
Probably the most incredible Gifts God has given to angel and man, is

absolute freedom of choice
whereby a person may reject God and God's Gifts.

This is so amazing a fact - how can God achieve this fabulous miracle? - but we see the truth of this daily in the evil that comes before us, personally and publicly.
So, if a person is able to reject the Gifts of God, including the Gift of Eternal-life,

then I contend that the person
can also reject that other incredible Gift -
existence itself.

I mention this in support of my previously stated contention

that the denizens of hell  will, eventually,
choose to cease to exist.

It seems to me that God never takes back what He has given, yet He accepts that what He has given will be rejected by some, such as Eternal-life in Heaven.
He has given immortality to every angel and man and I therefore suggest that even this may be rejected.
In due course, on this possibility, hell and its occupants will cease to exist.

Leaving nothing in all creation
but Goodness, Truth and Love -
that is to say God
and His Kingdom.

Euthanasia - The Choice to Cease to Exist on Earth
This evil concept that is filtering everywhere throughout the world, is a omen for those who do not recognise the rapturous Gift of being a person with a body and soul, destined for The Kingdom of God and the essence of delight that is found in this Kingdom.
They, in their disrespect for the Gift-of-life and their repugnance for The Ten Commandments, choose death - eternal-death.
They chose death!
So, in this awful decision, they, by this omen for evil-doers, support the idea of going one step further:- choosing to cease to exist, altogether.
We have here the alternatives for Angel and Man -


And it seems to me that eternal-death means, in the long run, cessation of existence.
The very thought of going to hell is of nightmarish horror, but to then perceive that the next step is non-existence, is the absolute disaster for Angel and Man.
But hell will exist until the last insane spirit decides to choose non-existence.
I have heard it said that hell is

the place for fun and excitement,

and Heaven is sleepy and uneventful.
This is of course a complete nonsense and common sense easily perceives the deception of this arrogant deception.

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