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Musings 2007/217

her own incomprehensible agony in accompanying Jesus through His Passion, was absolutely essential.
Mary represented mankind - she represented all creation - in her accompaniment with Jesus throughout His Passion.
For Redemption was a contract between God and creation.
It was not God, only. It was a verbal agreement between God and His creatures and these creatures were most fortunate in having The Woman of Scripture, The Immaculate Conception, Mother of The Saviour, Queen of Heaven, as their representative.
The Patriarch Joseph and The perfect Archangel, Raphael, Gabriel and Michael.
As previously suggested herein, the Patron of The Universal Church, the Patriarch St. Joseph, Father of Jesus, Husband of Mary, is the perfect reflection of The Eternal-spirit in creation.
Also suggested, that the Archangel is the perfect reflection of The Most Holy Trinity, for I contend that Raphael, Gabriel and Michael are three angelic persons in the one fantastic creature, the one and only loyal Archangel, and therefore, reflecting perfectly the most Holy Trinity.
Now, because Mary is The sinless Mother of The Son, The Mother of God, then she is supreme amongst all creatures, man and angel.
Mary is next only to God.
However, this supremacy is vindicated even further, for it was she, alone, who bore The Cross with Jesus.
No doubt the Patriarch and The Archangel would have been prepared to share this redemptive Suffering but the Glory fell upon The Mother and this, her suffering, confirmed her in her divine-given supremacy.
It was the Suffering and Death of Christ that redeemed creation but it was the suffering and death of The Mother which consummated this Redemption, for she was the signatory to the contract between The Creator and His creatures.
It was by her verbal agreement ONLY that the Contract of Redemption became valid.
49 1 38  And Mary said: Behold the handmaid of the Lord; be it done to me according to thy word. And the angel departed from her.  Luke


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