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Musings 2007/218

and God himself with them shall be their God.  P Revelation
So that is the way I perceive St. Joseph, for if he reflects The Eternal-spirit, and if we are entering into the Era of The Spirit, wherein we will observe
the new heaven and the new earth, then it must be, it has to be, that Joseph is not only involved,

but is the key person
who overseers, in a certain manner, this entrance.

This is so because God always works with and through, His Children in achieving His massive intentions for them. We see God working through the Prophets, Priests and Scribes, through Israel, of the Old Covenant and we see Him working through the Saints, the Popes and The Church throughout the New Covenant.
We see God working through Mary, the Woman of Scripture, as well as the Apostles, especially Peter and Paul.
If this be so, then this evidence points to St. Joseph as being of the utmost importance for the world in its hopes for peace and goodness - in its hopes for love of neighbour - in its hopes for Truth - which are the supreme benefits to be enjoyed by The Kingdom of God on earth during the Era of The Spirit.
And it will be only through The Kingdom on earth - that is, The Universal Church - that the world enjoys this peace and harmony of the Spirit's Era, lasting a very long time;

and this Kingdom, this Church,
will be represented before God,
and in due course before man,
in the main, by Joseph.

I think this is absolutely wonderful and befitting for the Father of Jesus.
It is just so grand that God should raise a mere man to such heights. It is just so grand that this mere man had the humility and the obedience required for such divine distinction.
My personal association with St. Joseph
It is not only wonderful in itself, but for me, it is doubly wonderful for I look back on my life and recall that I chose the name Joseph as my confirmation name.
In honour of St. Joseph, I have long thought of my Guardian Angel as
I have used the name Joseph in many ways to honour this great man of God, even in very small ways such as one of my e-mail addresses -
I have been honouring the name
Joseph for some sixty years but I do not recall any particular reason for this. It has just come naturally, subconsciously.
It has only been a year or two ago that a dear friend introduced me to the Patriarch Joseph, the man of destiny - befitted to be husband to the Queen of Heaven and father to The Saviour of mankind!
Since then, I have come to realise the incredible greatness of the man and I can only look back over the years and suddenly realise that this Saint of Saints has been part of my life - a most important part of my life.
So that when I was recently re-introduced to him as the Patriarch of Patriarchs, I immediately realised the truth of this fabulous part of God's wondrous plan for mankind. I knew instantly, the rightness and the common sense of his unequalled, unparalleled input into God's Destiny for all creation. And in realising this, I also had the privilege of recalling my subconscious devotion to Joseph over the decades.
It is truly an incomprehensible, magnificent thing how God works in our lives, through His Graces and through His children.
There is nothing we can do but to adore His Will and to recognise, acknowledge and appreciate all He has given us.
Recently, in a super-market complex, I was approached by a salesman selling a special cream which included Dead Sea properties.
I asked him if he was a Jew and he answered
Yes, I am proud to be a Jew.
In the discussion I found out that his name was Joseph (Yossef, in Hebrew, he tells me) and so we discussed the name which he said meant adding something.
He was exceptionally proud to have this name and I have since wondered on this meaning
adding something, but have yet to come up with anything spiritual.
The 'Family' of Deception
If the anti-christ is going to imitate The Christ yet deceiving us, through pretending he has Christ's power and glory, then we could well expect that the anti-christ will have a mother and father who will also shamelessly pretend to imitate Mary and Joseph.
It is hard to imagine such a ghastly trio of deception for they will reverse St. Francis of Assisi's marvellous prayer so that it might then go something like this:-
Where there is goodness,
let us sow evil.
Where there is love
let us sow hatred.
Where there is truth
let us sow deception.
That is nothing new of course. It has been the devil's strategy since the Garden of Eden and the strategy has worked all too well ever since - seemingly even better then ever, over the past century.
If Mary is the most perfect of creatures, one shudders to think of the mother of the anti-christ who, one could well consider to be, the most imperfect of creatures.
The father or foster-father of the anti-christ as well, would be the complete opposite to Joseph - another fearful possibility!
The deceptions of the past century, incredible as they have been - powering above all deceptions of known history - will still take second place when the evil family bares itself to the world. Except that pride will take the place of deception.

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