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Musings 2007/218

In those awful days preceding The Second coming of christ, numerous men and women of the world will realise - REALISE - that The Universal Church has The very Truth of God reflecting from Her every Doctrine, so that when they allow themselves to be sucked into the seemingly gloriousness of the anti-christ,  his triumphs and his magical powers, they will have no excuse.
They will not be able to find protection and mercy through Christ's prayer from The Cross:- 
Father, forgive them. They do not know what they are doing. 49  23  34 (Luke)
They will know exactly what they are doing and join in the original defiance
I will not serve.
The Lord's Prayer
The requests included in The Lord's Prayer are in reality prophecies, are they not?
And we know that the petitions of the prayer will be fulfilled.
Looking at the prayer in reverse order, it seems to me that we are given an order of what will transpire in the future.
Each of the petitions are already being fulfilled to a certain degree and we look forward to their fulfilment at some future time.
Deliver us from evil, is, I think, the first prophecy to be fulfilled on the world agenda. As The Church teaches, evil here means personified evil, and so that means the removal of the devil from the world, leaving everyone in peace and allowing the virtues of man to be reborn, so that humanity becomes once again perfect as was Adam and Eve.
The human intellect and physique will operate at 100% instead of the present 10% - just as the soul's capacity will be re-set at 100.
With The Church as
the light for the world, and through the Sacraments and the Priesthood, reborn humanity will virtually be beyond temptation - Lead us not into temptation.
And the petition and the promise
Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us, will be an actual phenomena, everywhere. Christ's call for repentance will be accepted by the nations whose people will frequent the confessionals.
In this world peace - really the Peace of Christ in the world - there will be no hindrance to helping out neighbour; no hindrance in nation helping nation, and in a spirit of
loving one's neighbour, not only will everyone receive more then a fair share of bread each day, but he will have access to the Bread of Life, each day. We will then perceive God's response to the plea Give us this day our daily bread.
During this era of peace the world will move towards the intention Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.
Man may not achieve total abundance in the adorable Will of God, but it will seem that way for a long time, because this abundance is not possible until Christ's return.
It will also seem for a long time that His
Kingdom has come, so wondrous will be the era of peace, but again the completeness of The Kingdom can only result from Christ's Coming and out of The Parousia the whole of creation will whole-heartedly join in praising The Eternal-father Hallowed be Thy Name.
The Male Human
I have previously maintained that the female of the human species is that preferred by The Almighty which can be observed in that The Woman of Scripture, Mary, is crowned as Queen of Heaven.
In praising the female of the species I mentioned also that
motherhood is the most important career, the most important station in life - bar none. Even the Priesthood must give acknowledgment to motherhood because every Priest issues from the womb and every vocation to the Priesthood results from the encouragement of the mother (possibly with rare exceptions).
Be that so, as I also stated, God would encourage the male to raise himself to the heights of spirituality, and so placed the Priesthood as the realm of the male and made him the head of the family.
I intimated that the humility of the female is a prime reason for the exaltation God gives her.
Having reaffirmed these facts, I have to point to the disastrous state of the male human in the world.
When modernism set out to destroy the family unit over the past century, it used this knowledge of the female's superiority, and so directed its deadly poison at the woman, knowing that if the woman can be degraded, the family unit will quickly collapse.
And so, in seeking to destroy the humility of the woman, modernism encouraged pride; encouraged women's organisations; encouraged women's individuality and independence.
Thus the male gradually ceased to be the head of the household.
The bread-winner started to become the woman in many households and so the idea of having a family began to lose importance - the wife simply had to work and time to have children, if any, was postponed or even dismissed altogether.
Indeed, the idea of becoming pregnant become akin to having a disease and so remedies began to be available everywhere - contraceptive pills and devices - and if (perhaps
when is a better word) these failed, then the next step was abortion.
In all these things the ordinary male had very little to say - except in the power-brokers of the world where it has been men who devised this whole warfare against the family.
So in attacking the female of the human race, modernism quickly and surely began to destroy the family unit, and as a result of this success, the husband, the father, was dramatically undermined; was crushed; became unneeded, seemingly.
To further encourage the demise of the family various other methods of terrorism and warfare were implemented - consumerism, atheism, the undermining of religion especially Catholicism, media deception, etc. etc.
In all this combat the male became the greatest loser. Not only was his role as head of the family reduced to something laughable, but his right to the Priesthood came close to being destroyed.
While the male thought he was in heaven where his responsibilities were totally removed, including the necessity of marriage and the fathering of children, and the support of family, and where his sexuality could be broadened to include many
partners, and, in some cases, these partners may include either sex.
So the poor old male was becoming obsolete.

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