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Musings 2007/218

With cloning and in vitro fertilisation; with prevalent promiscuousness; the male was being reduced to something totally unnecessary. No one needed him to father a child - no one needed him to clothe and feed the family - no one needed him to run a business or even fight a war!
So while he at first thought he was in heaven (having lost his moral character due to modernism's all out attack on religious demands and on the Ten Commandments) he subconsciously became a drone.
In his subconscious environment, it was easy to find some consolation in alcohol or drugs, because even unabated sexuality becomes meaningless

when its prime intention is procreation.

This meaningless is apparent when one ponders on this real meaning of sexuality - as I say, procreation; two spouses, male and female, joining in love, through heart, body and spirit with The Creator, to produce a human being.
Having taken away the intention of procreation and leaving only pleasure, the act eventually becomes pointless and finally abhorrent - and so, totally unnecessary.
Thus the male would be left with nothing.
But also, as a result, the female is left with nothing.
The Male St. Joseph
And so we return to the Patriarch, Joseph.
The world needs desperately to return to great devotion to this man, head of the household that consists of Mary and Jesus; breadwinner for his family.
The world and The Church, while not demoting womanhood, must return to placing the male in a dominant position in the family unit.
The family unit must be returned to its rightful position as the strength of the nation -
the nation is as strong as the family unit, as the saying goes.
This is impossible if the female is not prepared to produce a family which requires her to return to the great role of motherhood - the greatest role - with which comes deep humility, love and great capacity for Truth.
This is not possible where the contraceptive mentality is dominant and so permissiveness prevails.
This is not possible unless the male again acquires the responsibility, the moral stature and the charity necessary to be head of the family household.
53  11   3  But I would have you know, that the head of every man is Christ; and the head of the woman is the man; and the head of Christ is God. First Letter of Paul to Corinthians.
.. so that the world may believe that you have sent me.
The wonderful document issued by the Catholic and Orthodox commission printed herein - page 11 - contains beautiful teachings, unlike some other joint documents which seem to contain remarks just for the sake of issuing a statement.
These words
.. so that the world may believe that you have sent me, are astonishing, to me anyway, for, used in this context, suggests that if Christendom could truly unite, it would sweep the world.
If the world believes that God sent Jesus as His Son and as Christ, and therefore for the salvation of mankind, then the world would have to follow this acknowledgment and join Christendom!


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