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Musings 2007/219

Where is The New Era?

There are tens of millions, I would consider, who are expecting something to happen in the world.
There is an expectation in people everywhere - different types of expectations.
Science and technology are moving so fast, and communications are instant and everywhere available, so that  people are wondering
what next?
There was the millennium fever when people expected all sorts of marvellous and/or incredible things and there remains a remnant of that feeling, still.
Huge numbers of people are searching each day for the second coming of Christ.
Others are watching Israel and pondering what this unique nation is doing and its present position in world affairs, and relating what they see and perceive, to Biblical prophecies.
And there are those who tunnel their interest in nature and put their lives at the service of overcoming what they see as
world problems such as preservation of whales and, as they would have it, other endangered species.
Some place their lives at the disposal of those
experts who are determined that the earth is over-warming and so, we can expect calamities everywhere if industries, vehicles and even individuals, are not brought under control.
We still have those who think the world is over-populated and believe that even greater measures must be taken to control pregnancy and to terminate pregnancies.
And there are others who believe Jesus is in a spaceship within our own planetary system awaiting for the opportune time to present Himself before the world.
And so on.
One way or another billions of people are in a state of  concern for the future, in a state of expectation.
I am expecting an Era of Peace, a long Era of Peace.
With such numerable types of expectations, I would think that
someone has to be right.
Whether one is right or wrong, it seems to me that
everyone is right in one aspect and

that aspect is that something is about to happen
and possibly overdue to happen,
which will result in world-wide changes
affecting every person on the planet.

The plans of mice and men.
I with many others, have planned ahead for my expectations.
Having such expectations,

many of us have made important suggestions
to God
on how and where and when, various things should happen
- and the sooner the better!

The days pass. The months pass. The years pass. The decades pass

and one wonders
what God is doing Up There?

Our personal expectations and the lack of forthcoming events, have been a sure means of proving that there are many false prophets around.
Even prophecies from many who claim spiritual guidance and direction have been delegated to the
might-have-been file or perhaps the might-still-happen file.
Others have placed the prophecies they believed in, in the
give-us-more-time file.
The thinnest file is the one called
I personally like the file
it-is-happening, the full title of which is it-is-happening-even-if-you-can't-perceive-it.
But that file doesn't help much because it means we are still awaiting - something has to happen so that we
can perceive it.
So what is the hold-up?
I have no idea.
But I am musing along in the hope that these fingers might type something worthwhile and give me a glimpse of the reason God has pressed
Abraham asked The Lord about Sodom as to whether it could be saved.
P 1 18 32  I beseech thee, saith he, be not angry, Lord, if I speak yet once more: What if ten should be found there? And he said: I will not destroy it for the sake of ten. P Genesis
Could it be then, that if there were ten good people in Sodom then God would have given it

time to repent?

Has He found such a number of people on the earth that He has given the peoples more time before delivering us from evil, proclaiming the defeat of the red dragon?
If so, how can it help to have more time?

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