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Musings 2007/219

the keys of the kingdom of heaven.
And whatsoever thou shalt bind
upon earth,
it shall be bound also
in heaven:
and whatsoever thou shalt loose upon earth, it shall be loosed also in heaven.   P
Now - of course - any leader, any
protos, will consult his assistants, advisers and trusted confidants, just as the Pope always does in his extraordinarily demanding position of authority. We often read in many a Pope's document that his action comes about after consultation with his Bishops.
Nevertheless, that is NOT the authority given to Peter.

The authority given to Peter,
(witnessed by the Apostles)
was total.

That authority of Peter is so total as to be frightening.
.. it shall be done in Heaven
.. it shall be loosed in Heaven.

I give to thee the keys to the Kingdom of Heaven.

The Orthodox are aware of these vital words of Christ, but they approach the inevitable with so much caution and without any haste whatsoever.
The Joint Commission
only states what the delegates from both sides are able to agree to,

which means the supremacy of Peter
is only mentioned to the extent
that the Orthodox allow.

And indeed, in this famous document, it can be said, nevertheless, that the Catholic delegates have achieved a virtual miracle in so far as

the Joint Commission has pronounced
the Pope as protos of Christianity.

Yet this miracle remains inconclusive - unity has not been achieved. The discussion and debate goes on.
So I merely state once again -

humility is lacking from the Orthodox,
for the Truth is clear; exceptionally clear! (I can see it!)

Yes, the difficulty in telling the Faithful of the Orthodox that they are to become one under the Pope, will be a mammoth task. For that very reason the agreement to unity must be made as a matter of urgency so that the Faithful of both Churches can immediately begin the process of recognition.
Again there is no excuse for this lack of humility.
I see the process as going something like this:-

  1. recognise the Pope as the Vicar of Christ;
  2. recognise the Patriarchs, Cardinals and Bishops of Catholic and Orthodox denominations;
  3. place ourselves at the servitude of the Pope and pledge to give him every support towards the Unity of Christendom.
It is quite impossible for the Vicar of Christ to be restricted in his authority simply because he is unable to obtain the consent of some of the Patriarchs, Cardinals and Bishops as suggested by paragraph 24:-
But the first (protos) cannot do anything
without the consent of all.

He really does not even require the consent of the majority of Bishops, to carry out his Ministry as Vicar of Christ - nor should he.
It would be imperative that the Vicar of Christ, the
protos of the Patriarchs, would consult with every Bishop on every matter of importance so that he avails himself of every opinion and of every consideration, whereupon he makes a decision.

That decision may
or may not agree
with the majority of Patriarchs or Cardinals of Bishops.

As The Church teaches, the college of Bishops in their common agreement, are infallible when this agreement is approved by the protos from Rome.
It is NOT the other way around.
For the Pope himself as the authority of infallibility as defined by The Church and Scripture, therefore needing no consensus.
The Natural Law
Having discovered in recent months, the idea of natural moral law, I find this subject absolutely fascinating, especially when John Paul The Great comments on it (e.g. page 4 herein). Our present Benedict XVI is also totally keen on this subject.
It seems to me that what is at the heart of the
natural moral law is what gives the human being that dignity stated by The Church.
When a world sees a human being as another animal that issues from the womb, lives and then dies, we have a major problem.

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