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Musings 2007/219

a reaffirmation of that defeat, by The Church.
And so, a warning given to
Evil that Deception is close to total extinction.
Defeated by Christ, definitively, confirmed in its defeat by The Universal Church over the past century, the Angel of Deception has come to his final hour.
Surely then, the promise of Peace in the world must have a proximate probability?
And this Peace must come from the hearts of
men of good will.

49 2 14  Glory to God in the highest;
and on earth
peace to men of good will. Luke.

That is to say from The Universal Church - from the Faithful of The Universal Church.
For although Peace has not been accorded to the world, it has been accorded to
men of good will. This Peace of Christ is found in all the Saints of The Church, in spite of the warfare that goes on around them and in spite of the warfare that goes on, even, in their own souls!
For The Lord also said:-

50 14 27 Peace I leave with you,
my peace I give unto you:
not as the world giveth, do I give unto you.
Let not your heart be troubled, nor let it be afraid. John

This is the Peace that the world really seeks; this Peace found in the hearts of the Faithful, which must overflow upon the world - soon, I hope.

53 14 33  For God is not the God of dissension,
but of peace:
as also I teach in all the churches
of the saints. Paul to Corinthians.

The world really does not know what Peace means!
Peace in fact, seems to be merely an observed absence of warfare!
So when we read in Scripture (so many, many times)
he held his peace, it was not really a true use of the word Peace but really meant:- he held his un-peaceful intent in check.
There really has never been peace amongst the nations. There never has been peace
within the nations. Really, there has never been peace within the community - there is always discord, even if undiscovered. Perhaps even, there has never been peace within the family.
Even, it can be said, there has never been peace in the marriage which, in 99.99% of  cases, has been a warfare between the spouses, with numerous re-unions of love and forgiveness and even, of peace (hopefully).
Real Peace - The Peace of Jesus Christ; The Peace that is Jesus Christ - then, when it surfaces throughout the entire world, will be SOMETHING TO BEHOLD.
Peace between spouses - in the family - in the communities - in the states - in the nations - in the world!
It is hard to imagine - it is incomprehensible!
But it must come and it is due to come - it is overdue to come.
While Christ brings the sword, He has said to pray Thy Will be done on earth as it is in Heaven; He has said to pray Deliver us from evil.
With such prophecies fulfilled, then Christ will be observed everywhere by everyone, as The Prince of Peace.
This Peace is coming upon the world by the power of The Holy Spirit - and The Spirit uses the hearts of
men of good will -  to reach out and embrace this Peace,

because this Peace is not possible for the world
unless it is first fulfilled in the men of good will.

So it is essential for every Christian, especially the Catholic, to respond to this offer of Peace by The Spirit.
It is not
peace as the world knows it, it is Peace given directly by Christ to each of His disciples. It is Peace in spite of suffering; in spite of deprivation; in spite of failure; in spite of lost friendship; in spite of family tragedy - in spite of every tragedy, ever so small.
Beware of the tiny tragedies which bring to the surface our impatience, thinking we have a citizen's right to be angry. Beware of the minute disappointments we suffer thinking we should usurp our God-given rights and thus are lead to think we must bestir ourselves into unpeaceable action.
Everything done must be done with Peace, in Peace - even the action to preserve our rights or to express our disappointment or to apply on behalf of a
Peace must become an intoxication of body and soul, motivating every movement, every impulse, every thought.
This Peace must start somewhere and while this somewhere has to be from Someone, that Someone works only through His disciples.
To carry out this impossible task, we must turn to The Queen of Peace, Christ's Mother - she who has done everything in the spirit of Peace; suffered everything in the spirit of Peace; shared in the Victory of Peace at Golgotha and at the Resurrection of her adored Son.
She who has not known sin; has only known sinlessness.
She who has known every suffering, every deprivation, every marginalisation, lived her life in absolute Peace.
She who is The Mother of The Prince of Peace, knows the way to Peace - the one and only Way.
She, The Woman of Scripture, knows the perfect way to Peace in the world.
When we, the sinners, look upon The Woman, The Mother, we are recollected in Peace, but then, promptly forgetting that impulse, instantly resume some non-peaceable thinking - some minor thing
designed to stir up dissension, a recall of

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