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Musings 2007/219

some annoying incident, some unhappy memory, some difficulty, even some exciting moment or perhaps a sensory impulse - anything to divert the soul from Peace.
It is a wonderful thing to know that just as many impulses we have in diverting us from inner Peace, there is a larger and stronger number of impulses urging embrace of The Peace given by Christ.
How the warfare goes on and on - amongst nations and in our inner selves! But we may look forward to a cessation of this warfare when we are
delivered from evil.
The Church says that this evil is evil-personified, and I suggest that

this evil-personified
is the particular evil, that of deception;
(having been conquered by The Christ,
Who is Truth-personified).

How fantastic will it be then, to live in a world where there is no deception.
The next question is:- Can we handle a world where everyone speaks the truth?   


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