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Musings 2008/220

The Almighty can not be defeated by the evil army of apostates - otherwise He would not be The Almighty.
In this scenario, it is obvious that God intentionally created a situation where man might achieve the greatest possible glory, beauty and knowledge, only found in a perfect manner in God, Himself - in spite of his disobedience.
This achievement was made possible because God made freewill available to man and therefore, provided the possibility of rebellion from the creatures He brought forth.
Knowing in advance that rebellion would indeed, occur, The Almighty deemed it most acceptable that, in this rebellion, where good and evil became known to all of Adam's children, that, in the Salvation wrought by His Christ,

the new children of The Resurrection
would be given
even greater
glory, beauty and knowledge
(that is, a greater share in Divinity)
then was possible to Adam and Eve!

This is understandable, to some extent, when we consider that had Adam and Eve remained loyal to The Almighty, their achievement would not have had the same merit compared to those who were born in a world permeated with evil and good, lived amongst evil and good, survived this most awful warfare and, in the end, embraced Good over evil!
In the scenario where Adam and Eve remained faithful The Son of God would have had no need to become Man and take up our cross for us. The phenomenal Encounter between God and man, in Israel, and the entrance of Personal-divinity into creation to experience creature-hood, at its worse, would not have been warranted.
So while man lost this
merit to gain Heaven, through our First Parents, the new merit provided by Jesus The Christ, was far, far greater then the merits lost and so The Church declares what Jesus attained for mankind is:-

Infinite Merit.

And so we declare in our Faith the Truth of

The Infinite Merits of Jesus Christ.

Now of course, these Infinite Merits of Jesus are shared with all of creation; with everyone who believes in Him - but available to EVERYONE.
Through Adam and Eve we have lost
merit in God's sight, and our own, but The Christ replaced this lost merit with Infinite Merit.
We, the children of Adam and Eve, shared their loss of
merit - and deservedly so, being sinners through and through (worse even then Adam and Eve) - but by the Grace of God and not by our own merit, but by our own worth - we are now able to recoup our loss and indeed, benefit a trillion-fold through sharing The Infinite Merits of Jesus Christ.
In this we perceive the wondrous Will of God and must consequently adore this Will.
The Will of God is so absolutely adorable.
The Will of God is His Essence I would suggest, and from It comes creation; from It comes the sensational Offer to share The Godhead!! Offered to us!!!
From It comes The Christ and His Mother - comes Joseph the Patriarch - comes The Archangel.
And All offered to us - sinners and doubters.
The Mother
Christ gave us Gifts of every description - and He gave us His Mother - from The Cross.
I have read in the words of some Saint that Mary's glory could not be highlighted in the early centuries because it was of prime importance that the world first pay attention to her adored Son, Jesus, The Christ.
I hesitated to agree with that but over the decades I now realise that this truth is not only correct but of the greatest significance.

Because the stature of Mary,
The Woman of Scripture,
is so exalted that, even today,
we are not permitted to view or perceive
the fullness of her glory.

Her stature is so exalted that the combined beauty and glory of the entire material universe is a lesser magnificence!
One could understand that, should the early Christians of The Universal Church, grasp the Marvel that is Mary which The Church describes as:-

P  She, the glow that radiates from eternal light;
she, the untarnished mirror of God's majesty;
she, the faithful image of his goodness. P Wisdom. 7. 26

then, because she is adorable, many would actually adore her, which would be a grave insult not only to God but also to Mary.
Christ's Salvation for mankind was to be supported by His Mother - she being, as The Church defines, Co-redemptrix -  and so, her glory must be gradually revealed down the centuries, always with the purpose of pointing to Christ and to The Almighty.
Thus as the millenniums rolled bye the Popes and the Saints portrayed Mary in an ever more beautiful and powerful splendour.
But never ever, reaching the fullness of her Stature.
I think that her Stature can never be fully realised by us on earth - it is so exquisite and fabulous - but God would have us search out her beauty and glory,

for this beauty and glory reminds us
that her adored Son
- for Whom only she was created -
is yet above and beyond her,
in His Divine Beauty and Glory.

While Mary is so gorgeous as to be the Woman clothed with the sun with the moon under her feet,

she herself remains
the pinnacle of humility
amongst mankind,

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